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rms means root mean square, or in a roundabout way the average. Therefore the average velocity or average speed (of a car?)

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For an object moving at a variable velocity you:calculate the square of the velocityfind its mean valuecalculate its square root.If the velocity is constant then the RMS velocity has the same value.

In shipping it meant Royal Mail Ship, as in RMS Titanic. There are most likely a lot of other meanings also.

Velocity is a speed in a very specific direction.

rms velocity is the root mean square of sum of velocities

mean free path and RMS velocity .............................................................GHo$t

the rate of change in the velocity of a body

If the velocity is uniform, then the final velocity and the initial velocity are the same. Perhaps you meant to say uniform acceleration. In any event, the question needs to be stated more precisely.

If you plotted the original path and velocity, and the path and velocity of the 'impacting' force, then the third leg of the triangle will be the resultant path and velocity.

There is really no wattage in "rms". RMS means only that the calculation goes P = V * I where you use V-RMS and I-RMS. In common use, the terms "RMS power" or "watts RMS" are erroneously used to describe average power.

Velocity is a vector. As every vector in includes direction and magnitude (as 'oppose' to scalar). If that is what you meant by this vague question.

It's a scrambled equation. What you meant to say is, "The absolute value of velocity equals speed."

rms speed of certain gas molecule at 27C is found to be 1930m/s.Estimate the gas?

rms is the best because 1 RMS = 100 PMPO

The speed at which a galaxy is expanding/getting larger.

acceleration is the rate of change of velocity as a function of time

RMS is Root Mean Square Value. The difference between RMS and true RMS is that the latter is the real or actual or effective value of AC voltage of the current for a particular circuit. True RMS tends to be a more accurate reading.

The velocity of the bullet meant there was no time to duck out of harms way.The star was travelling at such a high velocity, it was difficult to gather readings from it.

Power is determined from an AC voltage measured in volts RMS and an AC amperage measured in amps RMS, but there is really no such thing as "RMS power". People are using the term "RMS power", but that is not correct. it is actually "average power".Why there is no such thing as 'RMS watts' or 'watts RMS' and never has been:

RMS to peak, times 1.414. Peak to RMS times .707.

Watts root mean square is the effective value of alternating current electrical power compared to direct current power. In AC there is a rms or effective value of voltage and a rms or effectice value of amperage. Power is volts rms times amps rms. That is the AC watts compared to direct current power. There cannot be RMS power or watts RMS. Scroll down to related links and look for "Why there is no such thing as 'RMS watts' or 'watts RMS' and never has been". RMS watts is meaningless, but we use that term as "an extreme shorthand" for power in watts calculated from measuring the RMS voltage.

You probably didn't mean simile but you meant synonym?Agility or velocity

RMS stands for "Royal Mail Ship"

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