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'very well thank god yesterday was the birthday of cecilia and you'll see the photos and you Are you fliain'

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Q: What is meant by the Spanish sentence 'muy bien gracias a dios ayer fue el cumple de cecilia ya vas a ver las fotos y vos tenes fliain'?
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How do you say thank you for the birthday wishes in spanish?

You say, "Gracias por las esperanzas de cumple años."

How do you say happybrithday in spanish?

We say Feliz Cumple Años in spanish.

How do you say cumple in English?

Cumple comes from the Spanish verb "Cumplir," which means to Complete. Therefore, Cumple = (s)he/it completes Cumplé (with accent) = I completed It is also used in the word "Cumpleaños" which is Spanish for birthday (literally, 'complete the year')

What is the meaning of cumple in spanish?

In Spanish, "cumple" is the third person singular form of the verb "cumplir," which means "to fulfill" or "to accomplish." It can also be used as a noun to refer to a birthday, as in "cumpleaños," which means "birthday" in English.

When was Sí Cumple created?

Sí Cumple was created in 1998.

What is the duration of Mamá cumple cien años?

The duration of Mamá cumple cien años is 1.67 hours.

When was Mamá cumple cien años created?

Mamá cumple cien años was created on 1979-09-17.

Can you translate the article from the link httpactualidad.terra.escienciaarticuloknut-berlin-cumple-pie-zoo-2932650.htm from Spanish to English?

It is against the rules of WikiAnswers website to put a URL in a question. But you can get a website translated from Spanish to English by using a website such as the Related link below.

What does cumple el viernes mean?

It means that Friday is somebody's birthday.

How do I say When is your birthday in spanish?

¿Cuándo cumple / cumplen / cumples / cumplísaños?¿Cuándo es *su / tu / vuestro cumpleaños?* Este posesivo se emplea tanto para "usted" como "ustedes", en este caso.

What does paco cumple quice años mean?

Loose translation: Paco is fifteen years old.

What does Cumpleanos mean in spanish?

Cumple is the present tense form of the verb cumplir, which means "to comply". It is also used idiomatically to indicate age. So, cumple = "he/she complies" or "he/she is ____ years old"