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all the bishops

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Q: What is meant by the college of bishops?
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What is the College of Bishops?

There is a college of cardinals but not a college of bishops.

When was Bishops Park College created?

Bishops Park College was created in 2002.

When was Bishop College created?

Bishops College was created in 1959.

What year was Bishops Diocesan College founded?

1849 - Bishop Robert Gray

Who is the leader of the Catholic community on earth?

The college of bishops, with the bishop of Rome (the pope) at their head.

What is the mascot of Campbell College in North Carolina?

Its a camel named gaylord. seriously!

When is the Bishops Stortford College half term dates Oct 09?

17th October to the 1st November

What mean by second shift in engeeniaring college?

it is meant by evening college

What school did herschelle gibbs go to?

Diocesan College (also known as Bishops) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who exercrises the supreme magisterium?

The college of bishops with the pope at their head. This may be done in an extraordinary way by an Ecumenical Council or an infallible declaration by the pope; or an ordinary way through the day to day teaching of the pope and bishops.

What is the gift of the Holy Spirit empowering the pope with the college of bishops to teach without error on matters of faith and morals?


What is a bishops key role?

As a minster who has received the fullness of the sacrament of orders, the bishop is incorporated into the college of bishops. Collectively, they are successors of the apostles and have responsibility for the governance of the universal church. Individually, the bishop is the shepherd/leader of a local diocesan church.