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The linear communication model is a basic representation of how people communicate with each other. It involves two people, the sender and the receiver. The sender conveys a piece of information, called the "message" to the receiver by any channel of communication. Different channels of communication are email, face-to-face, and over the phone. Every channel of communication is susceptible to a different kind of "noise", or distraction, such as a pop-up add, or poor cell-phone reception. The noise is not necessarily auditory, it is anything that reduces the clarity of the message.

This model can be applied to many situations, but it is most accurately applied to online communication. The main reason is that channels of communication like email do not allow for immediate feedback.

Example: You, the sender, send an email, the channel of communication, about earning extra credit, the message, to your teacher, the recipient. Your poor grammar, noise, makes it harder for your teacher to understand your message.

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What are the advantages of linear model of communication?

advantages and disadvantages of linear model communication

Who has proposed Linear model of communication in knowledge based on Aristotle's model of communication?

C.E.Shannon & Weaver

What are advantages and disadvantages of linear model of communication?

One advantage of a linear model of communication is that it is easy to put together and implement. A disadvantage is that the linear communication may not always follow the "straight line," meaning there may be someone not in the line that needs the communication as well.

What are the four basic elements of communication?

The four basic elements of communication form what is called a linear model. The linear model consists of: sender, message, channel, and receiver.

What is Non linear communication model?

non-linear model of communication is a way of communication that is thoght to came from the creative side of the brain that gets the message across in a round about way

What is the difference between the Linear communication model and the transactional communication model?

Linear model is where there is a sender and a reciever one person sends the messages while the other recieves them. Transactional involves communicators where they send and recieve messages back and forth

What is linear communication?

linear communication is communication between one person.

Example of linear model of communication?

a student reading examination instructions, military instructions

What are the tenets of communication models?

The tenets of the communication models is to ensure that information has been passed to the right recipient with no distortion. Examples of the communication models includes the sender-receiver model, the linear model, and the interactional model just but to mention a few.

Difference between linear and transactional model of communication?

linear model involves only one way communication that is messages are sent and the receiver only is one dimensional. interactional model involves not only mesages sent but also the feedback from the receiver where as in transactional model besides sending messages and giving a feedback we also have non verbal messages.

What is meant by mathematical model in particular linear programming model?

A mathematical model is the representation of a relationship or state or phenomenon in a mathematical form using control variables.

Linear model of communication?

It's a one-way process in which one person acts on another person. Aka: transmission model because it assumes that communication is transmitted in a straightforward manner from sender to receiver.Reference:Julia T. Wood, Communication Mosaics: An Introduction to the Field of Communication

What is osgood and schramm model of communication?

Osgood and Schramm's Circular Model of Communication (1954) was an attempt to rectify the earlier linear models of communication. It can happen within our self (Intra personal communication) or two people (Inter personal communication) each person acts as both sender and receiver and hence use interpretation.

What is linear sequential model in software process model?

Linear sequential model is also called as classic life cycle method, which is also known as waterfall model =>this waterfall model in software process model involes five stages 1. communication 2.planning 3.modeling 5.deployment

Advantages of shannon weaver model of communication?

Advantages of Shannon and Weaver's model:simplicity,generality,quantiability.Disadvantage is that the model:linear,one way model,ascribing a secondary role to the "receiver", who is seen as absorbing information.

What is a linear model?

A model in which your mother.

What is meant by the term effective communication?

What is meant by the term effective communication is that the communication is helping to get something done. Yelling and screaming is not effective communication.

What is the difference between linear and interactive communication?

linear communication is also know as a transmission with just one person where as interactive communication is a convo between two or more people

What is meant by horizontal communication?

horizontal communication

What is linear sequential model explain briefly?

explain advantages and disadvantages of linear sequencial model?

What is The model y A plus Bx is a?

It is a linear model.

Is communication linear?

If the communication is one way (a television broadcast). yes. If both the sender and receptor of the communication interact (a conversation), then no.

What are the types and model of communication?

There are so many different types and models of communication. The most common include Aristotle's Model, Shannon-Weaver model, modern communication model and Thayer's model among others.

What do you know about a linear model from the correlation coefficient?

It's a measure of how well a simple linear model accounts for observed variation.

What is maletzke's model of communication?

please get me standard questionnaire of maletzk'e model (mass communication model). tanks a lot