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Waves need a medium to propagate themselves through. The waves generated on a pond by a falling droplet need a medium, in this case its the very water of the pond. Sound waves can propagate both though a water medium or an air medium for example.

Electromagnetic waves are an exception in that they do not need a medium to propagate through (the can propagate through the void of interstellar space).

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If the wave requires a medium then it is a mechanical wave.

No. The wave travels through the medium but the medium does not travel with the wave. Rocks or bone can be the medium for sound but the rock does not move with the sound

If medium is of material then wave is said to be mechanical wave. If medium is non material such as free space, then wave is named as electromagnetic wave.

It depends on what type of wave and in which medium.

A mechanical wave requires a medium.

No, particles of the medium do not become part of the wave

In this type of wave, the medium moves perpendicularly to the direction of the wave.

the wave which does not travel through a medium is called electromagnetic wave.

It all depends on the medium through which it travels. The factor of the medium that plays a role on the velocity of a wave is its density. If this is a sound wave, the denser the medium, the faster the wave. For a light wave, the denser the medium, the slower the wave.

The disappearance of a wave into a medium is called absorption.

The medium affects the wavelengty and velocity of the wave

The medium carries/supports the movement of the wave

When a wave travels from one medium to another medium the wave changes speed, wavelength and direction. The change in direction is called refraction.

The medium of a wave is the matter a wave travels through.So yeah, if you wiggle a rope, the medium isn't the air around the rope... the medium is the rope itself!

medium is the matter a wave trvels through

A mechanical wave is a wave the transfers energy through a medium If anyone know what a mechanical waves medium is add an answer to this question

a free travelling wave the wave which transfers energy from one medium to other medium and it is called as disturbing wave

A mechanical wave travels through a medium because a medium is necessary for the propagation of that wave. With a mechanical wave, like sound, mechanical energy is put intothe wave, and the medium carries the energy of the wave. This is in contrast to an electromagnetic wave (like light) which can move through a total vacuum.

When the wave is in a particular medium, all of that type of wave will travel at the same speed.

A sound wave would be a good example of a wave needing a medium to travel.

A mechanical wave such as a sound wave requires a medium to travel through.

That statement assumes that every wave needs a medium, which is a false assumption. An electromagnetic wave, such as light, does not need a medium.

A mechanical wave (like a sound wave) requires a medium for propagation because the medium must carry the energy of the wave. With a mechanical wave, the source puts the energy into the medium, and the medium transports it. In contrast, and electromagnetic wave (like light) can travel in a vacuum; it needs no medium to support its propagation. To keep it simple there has to be energy that's all

A mechanical wave is a wave that uses a medium to travel. Without a medium, it would not be able to go anywhere.