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What is meant by the motherboards form factor?


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Form Factor is the size, configuration, or physical arrangement of a computer hardware object.

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Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchangeable while laptop motherboards are proprietary.

Any standardized case will hold any motherboards of that form factor, such as ATX or microATX.

A form factor of a motherboard is it's size relative to other motherboards, some computer cases cannot support motherboards who's form factors are too small, or large for it.The form factors I can remember off the top of my head are:ATXMicro ATXMini ITXNano ITXPico ITX

Actually, the CORRECT answer is that the form factor of motherboards pertains to the size and shape of the board. There is no other answer to this question.

The three versions are; Micro, Nano and Pico

Laptop motherboards tend to have a smaller form factor

ATX is the form factor which Motherboards, Computer Cases and Graphics Cards use to standardise sizing. An ATX form-factor Motherboard will fit an ATX Case, and an ATX Graphics Card will fit in the case as well.

A micro ATX board is a slightly smaller version, and most motherboards are either ATX or micro ATX these days.

All operating systems will work with mini ITX. This form factor supports all standard architectures.

I'm not sure of which three specific components you are looking for but there are actually for that need to be the same. The case, the motherboard, the processor, and the power supply. Different form factors of motherboards have different screw hole alignments so not all motherboards will fit into a certain case. Processors have several different pin configurations and will only fit some motherboards. Power supplies also have a couple different form factors. With the new processors requiring more power, there are motherboards that require more power connections.

BTX was a popular form factor because motherboards of this form factor where designed specifically designed to help improve air flow and therefore cooling since newer hardware was being implemented requiring more intensive cooling than previously before.

No, notebook motherboards are of a form factor incompatible with desktop cases.

The five most popular categories of form factors used for motherboards are as follows: ATX MicroATX FlexATX BTX NLX In that order.

ATX is still the standard for most motherboards while the BTX was thought to take the place of the ATX form factor it wasn't as swift as people has thought. ATX is most popular still since a drawback with the Pentium 4 processor and thermal problems.

There are four types of motherboards, which is the main circuit board of a computer. There are XT motherboards, AT motherboards, baby AT motherboards, and ATX motherboards.

1) In computers, the form factor (sometimes hyphenated as form-factor) is the size, configuration, or physical arrangement of a computer hardware object. The term is commonly used in describing the size and/or arrangement of a computer case or chassis or one of its internal components such as a daughterboard .

The form factor is the size, shape and layout of the motherboard...The different types areATX (industry standard)BTXITXExtended ATX (Server type board)MTX

That all depends. Most Z270 Motherboards will fit.. the case supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX form factor boards. But you will not be able to fit E-ATX motherboards.

It could be Micro ATX or ATX or even something else. This number appears on a lot of Intel motherboards. The number you really need to find is the AA (Altered Assembly) number.

microATX motherboards are smaller than ATX motherboards, and have fewer components, such as expansion slots. They can still be sued in existing ATX cases, or in smaller microATX cases. Less material usage equals lower cost, while still providng a functional (if less upgradeable) computer.

An ATX motherboard form factor is obviously larger than a BTX form factor.... This means that the board can be placed in smaller devices such had home theater systems or slim line chassis. There are some powerful BTX motherboards, but still have limited functionality on behalf of ATX.... ATX is the standard

Desktop motherboards all conform to one of several standard form factors, such as ATX, microATX, NLX, or mini-ITX. The motherboards in laptops, however, all have different sizes and are custom fitted for the laptop chassis. Laptop motherboards do not typically provide the number of expansion slots found in desktop motherboards.

Advance Technology (AT) one of the first form factor motherboards produced but no longer made required a full-size case. AT systems were complicated to install because of their dimensions, configuration, service and upgrade.

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