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Static media is moving pictures, like television.

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Static media is a term applied to media that stays fairly constant. Dynamic media applies to media that changes rapidly.

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Q: What is meant by the terms static media and dynamic media?
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What characterization terms describes the Big Bad Wolf flat and static or round and dynamic?


What dynamic's mean?

Full of energy, like a dynamo.In Computer Terms, Dynamic means, a value which is not static, and keeps on changing on certain conditions.

What is a dynamic?

a bold person Dynamic means changing.

How does PHP differ from HTML in terms of application and structure?

In structure <?php ?> <html> </html> in application - one is static and another is dynamic. this much ......

What is the examle of random access memory?

In terms of computing history, some types of RAM that have been used are:Williams-Kilbern CRT dynamic RAMSelectron Tube static RAMWhirlwind Floodgun Tube static RAMMagnetic Core nonvolatile static RAMMagnetic Thinfilm nonvolatile static RAMMagnetic Plated Wire nonvolatile static RAMSolidstate IC static RAM*Solidstate IC dynamic RAM*Magnetic Solidstate IC nonvolatile static MRAMNote: * These are the most common RAM in use today.

In twilight was James dynamic or static?

James was one of the major characters in the book Twilight however, he only appeared in the book near the end of the story. The terms, 'dynamic' and 'static', imply that the character changes throughout the course of the story and the character does not change at all throughout the course of the story respectively (change in terms of emotionally, intellectually etc. but not physically). So from the above evidence, it is clear that you are not entirely able to classify him into 'dynamic' and 'static'. However, during the course of his appearance in the book, we can classify him as a static character what with his being someone who loves challenges and somewhat sadistic as well as scheming. During his short short but significant appearance in the story, it will be likely that he is a static character.

What is meant by media when dealing with a network?

It depends on the network. In computer terms, media can be video, photos or audio, or text, although text is sometimes not included in this list.

What is this difference between static and dynamic compression in 5th grader terms?

Static or cranking compression pressure is what each cylinderexperiences when the starter motor is turning the engine or whenthe engine is running at idle RPM. Dynamic compression is measure with all plugs installed but one. The compression is measured at that one plug hole when the throttle is snapped open for a split second.

What does dynamics mean?

AnswerDynamics is how we move; speed, force, continuity etc.

What is the definition of static in literature?

It depends on the usage. In terms of electricity, static is an electrical charge (the same electrical charge that gives you a shock when you wear socks on carpet and then touch a metal object). 'Static' can also mean unmoving, or a fixed condition (e.g. a 'static value' is one that does not change, and a 'static tradition' is one that is prevented from changing by the rules of society).

What is static website?

static webiste is a website which contains static web pages, i.e. pages served to the end user is hard-coded or same as stored on the web server. It is different from the dynamic page which are created and served the created page when a web browser request the page

Why does C plus plus allows static binding and not dynamic binding?

Dynamic binding, or late binding, is when the object code for the class does not get loaded into memory until it is needed. This saves time at module load time, at the cost of delayed execution for the first invocation.