What is meant by this statement administration harmonizes all educational activities and makes them instrument for yielding result?

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Usability is what is referred to as the administration of the instrument in research method. Also, within the research method, you will find validity and reliability.

Administration is an instrument to direct, supervise, plan and control the body.

Educational media is a tool/instrument (object, people or event) that can be used for teaching and learning.

Educational software is great for the whole family, because anyone can start to learn at their own pace. Educational software is available for everything from learning a new language to playing an instrument.

(Administration and interpretation of health risk assessment instrument)

Only if the educational research would qualify as "fair use" (see below)

was an instrument or apparatus which included the employment of officials to assist in the administration of the colonial states.

Sigrid Schaefer has written: 'Die Untersuchungshaft als Instrument strafrechtlicher Sozialkontrolle' -- subject(s): Administration of Criminal justice, Criminal justice, Administration of, Preventive detention, Social control

the physical measurement are those already made items.e.g the themoscope for the doctors,tape etc. While the educational measurement are those instrument used by the teacher in the school.e.g test etc.Glory Ben

he earned his Federal Aviation Administration multiengine instrument pilot rating and flew private multiengine planes

D. W. Alexander has written: 'Classroom processes in teaching mathematics' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Educational surveys, Educational tests and measurements, Mathematics, Ontario Assessment Instrument Pool, Study and teaching, Teachers

a musical instrument? a wind instrument? a string instrument? a percussion instrument?

Alan R. Samuels has written: 'The development of an instrument for measuring public librarians' perceptions of organizational climate' -- subject(s): Public libraries, Administration

A secondary instrument is a instrument whose sound is in comparison to the main instrument. It also can be a back up instrument.

Eduction preserves, transmits and disseminates the whole culture, social change political change, economical change is an instrument and precondition of educational thought

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yes, it is a low brass instrument, but it is an instrument.

A triangle is a percussion instrument. A piccolo is a woodwind instrument, and a violin is a string instrument.

A rhythm instrument is an instrument that produces a beat, like a drum.

Another metrologically certified standard instrument.

the first instrument was a guitar like instrument called a lute

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