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They are in trouble, usually trouble about to arrive eg they have just broken their mother's favourite ornament.

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Why no hot water on your apt but hot water with other apt on the same floor?

Someone shut the hot water supply off to your unit

Is sammie dating anyone?

if you meant to the "fireman sammie" so not, but he seeks someone hot..

What is meant by hot cookies?

what is meant by hot cookies

What is the definition of Katrina?

Someone told me it meant to cleanse by water

How do you convert 110 hot water heater to 240vert?

You don't, electric water heaters are not meant to be converted.

Do you hook up a dishwasher to hot or cold water?

Always the hot water. The water has to be hot in order for the soap to dissolve. While some washer may have a heating element to help heat the water, it is not meant to heat it entirely.

What do you do when someone passes out on a hot day?

Give Water

Who should install the hot water tank?

A professional plumber, or at least, someone experienced installing hot water tanks.

What causes the hot water to come out of the cold water taps after 10 years?

if someone put in a hot water tank they may have the lines switched.

Why is hot tub water yellow?

cause someone peed in it

What causes you to have a good supply of hot water at times and at other times barely have half a bath of hot water?

When there is not enough hot water, it probably is caused by someone using the hot water recently and the water heater is not large enough to provide hot water for both uses. The water heater will provide hot water as long as there is hot water in it. When there isn't any hot water left, it will provide cold water. It takes a while to heat the water after some is used.

How long does it take for hot ice to freeze?

that would depend on a variety of factors including the mass of "hot ice" and the rate of cooling. However, the question is kinda moot since hot ice = water?? I suggest you define what you meant by the term in order for someone to answer your question more fully.

Why do you have to wait for hot water after someone just took a shower?

When someone takes a shower, the hot water tank replaces the water used with cold water. It takes the hot water heater some time (which varies with each heater) to heat the newly filled tank. The hot water is always replaced by cold as you use it, but you don't notice it as much when you use smaller amounts or, like dishwashers and washing machines, use the hot water in intermittent amounts.

When someone stirs cocoa powder into hot water or hot milk the cocoa changes from a?

from heterogeneous to homogeneous

How do you make someone pee the bed with hot water?

Hand in a bowl of warm water trick

Why would there be hot water in the tanks of the toilets in a recently purchased house?

Someone hooked up the hot water supply to the toilet instead of the cold water supply- or your water heater is back drawing hot water through to the toilet from a cold water inlet (supply)

What is meant by hot and barren?

well there was this barren and he was hot

Your shower will not stay hot?

Your hot water tank is not working properly or someone used up all the water before you did. If one element is blown on an Electric tank and the other is working, your hot water will not last very long.

What does the Idiom in hot water mean?

In trouble, usually yet to come. "You'll be in hot water when your parents find out" To be in hot water is to be in immediate, deep trouble, as if someone were cooking us in a pot on the stove. The person "in hot water" did a particular thing that is sure to make another person mad at him or her.

Is it called a hot water heater or water heater?

The term "water heater" is non-specific, but may imply a domestic hot-water heater, when read in context. A "hot-water heater" is specifically meant for heating water for domestic use. A hydronic boiler is also a water heater, but the water is only used for heating the radiators or for heating a hot-water heater, but the hot water of the boiler is not released for domestic use.Depends as there is a water heater and then a booster which increases the temperature for mostly commerical applicatons thus your heating the hot water to a higher temperature and some call this a hot water heater instead of a temperature booster

What does figurative language mean?

Language not meant to be taken literally.For example: you are what you eat is not meant to be taken literally, its not like if you eat a hot dog you are a hot dog! haha that would be literal, but luckily that's not possible.figurative language is a simile it is when someone/you compare it to something/someoneexample:she is as tall as a treeit means figures of speech

Does cold water freeze faster than cold water and why?

I think what you meant to ask was "Does cold water freeze faster than hot water?" It does because its temperature doesn't have to change as much.

What is meant by saying that sugar is soluble?

When someone says that sugar is soluble, it means that it can dissolve in a solution, such as water.

Where in Timmins Ontario can someone find a hot water heater repair shop?

A hot water repair shop in Timmins, Ontario can be found by searching a local directory. One of the local hot water repair shops in Ontario is JS Plumbing who can guarantee to repair your hot water heater in a short amount of time.

What are the differences between boilers and burners?

A burner is the part of the boiler that creates and controls the flame that heats the water. If you meant difference between a boiler and a furnace, a boiler makes hot water and a furnace makes hot air.

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