What is mesirat nefesh?

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One who runs great risks or accepts great hardship for the sake of observing the religious laws of Judaism without actually sacrificing his or her life is also considered especially righteous. Such an act of figurative self-sacrifice is called mesirat nefesh (מסירת נפש, "giving over the soul").

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Q: What is mesirat nefesh?
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What is the Hebrew word for soulmate?

A soul mate is ידיד נפש Yedid-Nefesh for a male. ידידת נפש Yedidat-Nefesh for a female.

What does the word nefesh mean?

There is no such word in English.

How do you say beautiful soul in Hebrew?

nefesh yafah (נפש יפה)

What is the seat of the nefesh level of the soul?

The blood, and more specifically the liver.

What is the Hebrew word for kind gentle soul?

nefesh nekhmada (נפש נחמדה)

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What candle flame color corresponds to the nefesh level of the soul?

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How do you pronounce the Hebrew word nephesh?

nefesh (נפש) is pronounced just the way it looks: NEH-fesh

What is soul mate in Hebrew?

ידיד נפש yeh-DEED NEH-fesh

What has the author Raphael ben Gabriel Norzi written?

Raphael ben Gabriel Norzi has written: 'Marpe la-nefesh'

What is nephash in Hebrew?

nephash is not a Hebrew word, but it is close to nefesh (נפש) which means life force, and sometimes translated as soul.

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