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Atoms from elements found on the periodic table that are classified as metals.

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Are robots made out of metal?

Not all robots are made of metal but the majority of them are made of metal.

What metal door locks made from?

Metal door locks are made of metal.

Was the Titanic made of metal or wood?

She was made of metal... lots and lots of metal.

Why was metal made?

Metal wasn't made it was discovered.

Are people made out of metal?

people are made out of metal

What materials are streetcars made out of?

they are made out of metal such as metal in metal mixed with metal and metal with loads of metal and metal and you make street car my secret ingreidant.

What are spoons made of?

They are made of soft metal. (soft metal is metal that you can bend easily)

What are desks made of?

wood and metal and stuff. metal it's made from metal you idiot

Is a bike made out of metal?


Is the tuba made of metal or wood?

It is made of Brass. Metal

Is a generator made out of metal?

Yes. A generator is made out of metal.

A compound made of a metal and a nonmetal is a?

A compound made of a metal is ionic and one that is made out of a non metal is a covalent compound.

What objects are made out of metal?

Their are no objects made of metal, anything that claims to be made of metal is a talking object, and that's weird.

What metal is aluminum made from?

aluminum is not made from another metal, it is not an alloy. aluminum is a pure metal, made purely of itself.

Why is a base of a scaucepan made of metal?

It is made of metal because metal is the best conductor of heat.

Is ceramic made of metal?

ceramic is not made of metal. Ceramic objects are made of clay.

What is a metal made up of?

metal is made up of putik. It is made by Cardo.Save

Where is metal made?

Depends on the metal.

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