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What is the formula for calculating volume?

Basically, it's area times height, but because the formula to calculate area is different for different shapes, the formula for volume changes with the shape. length times width times height. L x W x H One can use calculus to find the volume of a solid. Take the triple integral of the functions that define the solid in each direction. also in physics when density and mass are given, then the volume can be calculated as volume=mass/densityThe formula for calculating the volume of a container varies with the shape of the container. Simple shapes can be calculated very easily such as cubes, prisms, or cylinders. Complicated or asymmetrical shapes would require the use of integral calculus.

Define uniform velocity?

Constant speed.

How can you define the address on the internet?

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) define the address on the Internet.

How do you define uniform motion?

Motion that is always constant. ( Either acceleration or deceleration) this is called uniform mothion

Define homogeneous mixture?

A mixture which has uniform composition and properties.

Define homogeneous and heterogeneous?

An item that is homogeneous is completely uniform in its substance. An items that is heterogeneous is not uniform and has many components.

What Is The Importance Of Limits And Continuity?

Those are among the most fundamental concepts in calculus; they are used to define derivatives and integrals.

Define changing one unit of length to another in metric?

It is conversion using multiples of integral powers of 10.

Which is harder to learn thoroughly mathematics up to and including integral and differential calculus or to learn academically in America to speak German as fluently as a native speaker?

It depends not only on your natural ability but also on how you define 'hard'. Based on how long it would take to achieve these goals, from my experience I'd say it would be harder to learn to speak German like a native speaker if you don't live in a German-speaking country. If you moved to Germany, you could become fluent in a year or two, but if not then it could take years. Calculus, on the other hand, is just a case of applying yourself - I learned integral and differential calculus after five years of secondary school maths lessons, whereas after six years of learning German, I'm nowhere near fluency.

Define air mass?

A body of air with horizontally uniform levels of temperature, humidity, and pressure.

What is full US military attire?

please define. dress uniform, bdu's, training, etc.?

Why is mass used instead of volume when calculating density?

Actually, BOTH are used. You can define density as mass divided by volume (or mass per unit volume).

Do populations possess a constant and uniform density and dispersion?

Depends on what region, what size of region, etc. For example, while the downtown core of Toronto has a fairly constant and uniform density, Canada does not. You need to define your question a bit better, mate.

Define non uniform motion?

Motion that undergoes a change in velocity, either by changing speed or changing direction. Either of these changes is called "acceleration".

Define law of inertia?

An object remain i6 its state of rest of uniform motion in straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force.

How do you derive mean of Pareto distribution?

You must know calculus, at least that the integral of xN = 1/(N+1)xN+1 . Define the Pareto distribution as: f(x) = abax-(a+1) or Cx-(a+1) where C = aba (a constant) Remember that the pdf is defined over the domain [b, inf] otherwise zero. Mean = integral xf(x) evaluated from b to infinity. Remember also that the limit of 1/x as x goes to infinity = 0. Similarly for any positive a, (1/x)a goes to 0 as x goes to infinity. mean = integral C x-(a+1)x dx = integral Cx-a = C(1/(-a+1))x-a+1 evaluated over the interval b to infinity. The integral is zero at infinity, so the mean = C(0-1/(-a+1))b-a+1 Remember b-a+1 = b-ab After substituting and cancelling mean = ab/(a-1) for a greater than 1.

Do you still use differential calculus?

Differential Calculus serves as one of the most important piece of mathematical tools ever invented/used. It is widely used everywhere for it usually describes the rate of change of some quantity. We can define the quantity and examine such a quantity and its changes thoroughly using differential calculus. An example of this would be in fields such as business (stock markets), risk analysis, insurance, banking, engineering, pure math and even theoretical physics. It is nearly impossible to think of the world without differential calculus as it serves as a backbone to all of these fields. In fact, it is only possible that we develop our uses of differential calculus in more fields than lessening its uses in the world.

Define law of multiple proportions?

when two elements produce 2 or more compounds , the masses of one element, combining with a constant amount of the second element, are always a simple integral ratio.

Define population mathematically?

There are many models which can fit population mathematically with parameters like desease, growth etc .. the first one was given by Euler in term of geometrical serie, but the first strong mathematical model of population in term of integral equation was given by A.J Lotka in 1939 title of this article " On a integral equation in population analysis" .

Define The LIMIT as in Calculus?

The term "limit" in calculus describes what is occurring as a line approaches a specific point from either the left or right hand side. Some limits approach infinity while some approach specific points depending on the function given. If the function is a piece-wise function, the limit may not reach a specific value depending on the function given. For a more in-depth definition here is a good link to use: *

Define a pipe assembly?

Pipe assemblies refer to the type of work that should be done against tuple or data streams. The work performed could include filtering, transforming, organizing, and calculating data.

What does the word define mean in spanish?

definir - to define defino - I define defines - you (singular, informal) define define - you (singular, formal) define, he/she defines definimos - we define defineis - you (plural, informal) define definen - you (plural, formal)/ they define.

Why should schools banned uniform from schools?

the uniforms are very bland which people think is to define is, however, it is very uninteresting for the students also teachers however the teachers don't mind because they get the money, either way and more or less the designers get the sizes wrong.

Define reflux ratio?

reflux ratio is the ratio of the quantity of distilled material returns to the column to quantity of distillate. One can operate the distillation column without calculating reflux ratio, but the main purpose of it is to improve the efficiency of the distillate.

How many children die of gun violence each year?

You will have to define what age "children" encompasses. The FBI uniform crime report might be useful. There are many causes of death for "children" that are in front of firearms.