What is militia?

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A body of citizen soilders is called a militia! A body of citizen soilders is called a militia!

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Q: What is militia?
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How do you use militia in a sentence?

Militia is civil soldiers. militia helps army when required.

What is a volunteer army?


What is the synanyms of militia?

The synonym for "militia" is "army".

Is the Illinois militia the same as the Illinois National Guard?

No. The Illinois Militia is a private organization. The ING is a state militia, but is in no way associated with the "Illinois Militia."

Who is the commander of the Poolesville Militia?

The Poolesville Militia is currently commanded by Daniel Kator, formerly Colonel but now Commander of the Militia because of a reorginization of the militia rank structure. will give you more information about the Poolesville Militia.

Where are Beats Militia from?

Beats Militia are from London, England

What part of speech is the word militia?

Militia is a noun.

What is the militia called now?

As of 2014, the militia is still referred to as the "militia." It is used to describe a group of citizen soldiers.

Can you give me a sentence for militia?

The militia was called into service to repel the attacking army. The Minutemen were the early militia for the colonists.

What is another name for militia?

Another name for a militia is a reserve.

Militia who were ready to fight at a moments notice were known as what?


When was Rutland Militia created?

Rutland Militia was created in 1759.

When did Rutland Militia end?

Rutland Militia ended in 1860.

When did Northampton Militia end?

Northampton Militia ended in 1860.

When was Northampton Militia created?

Northampton Militia was created in 1763.

When was Militia of Montana created?

Militia of Montana was created in 1994.

When was Oxfordshire Militia created?

Oxfordshire Militia was created in 1759.

When did Oxfordshire Militia end?

Oxfordshire Militia ended in 1881.

How do you spell militia in a sentence?

The militia were called out to help the police.

When was Canadian Militia created?

Canadian Militia was created in 1920.

When did Canadian Militia end?

Canadian Militia ended in 1968.

When was Militia Dei created?

Militia Dei was created in 1145.

When was Bugti militia created?

Bugti militia was created in 1952.

When was The Militia Group created?

The Militia Group was created in 1998.

When did Motรถr Militia end?

Motör Militia ended in 2004.