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The minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida is $4.23 as of July 2010.

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Q: What is minimum server wage in Florida for 2010?
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What is minimum wage for servers in Florida 2012?

As of 2012, server's wage in Florida is 4.65.

What was the minimum wage in Florida in 2010?

The minimum hourly wage in Florida in 2010 was $7.25, the federally mandated minimum. The tip credit was $3.02, making a minimum wage for tipped employees of $4.23 an hour.

What is the server minimum wage in Michigan?

The server minimum wage in Michigan is 2.65 per hour.

What is food server minimum wage in Florida?

As a server here in Florida I make 4.19 an hour which is an increase in the last year. It used to be 3.88 an hour.

Server Pay Rates Minimum Wage Tennessee?

Minimum wage tennessee

What is the 2008 minimum wage for servers in Florida?

I am a server in Florida and as of today January 12, 2008 my hourly wage is 3.77 an hour. It was 3.65 it just went up in 2008.

What is the minimum wage waitresses have to be paid in Florida?

The minimum wage waitresses have to be paid in Florida is $2.13

What percentage more is Florida's minimum wage than the federal minimum wage?

Florida's minimum wage at $6.79 is 16+% greater than the Federal minimum wage of $5.85 as of July 2008.

What was Florida's minimum wage in 2003?

Florida's minimum wage in 2003 was $5.15 per hour. This was in line with the Federal Minimum wage at that time. It later exceeded the Federal Minimum wage in 2005.

What is the minimum wage for a server in NY?


How often does the minimum wage increase in Florida?

The minimum wage in Florida is recalculated every year based on the federal Consumer Price Index. Florida's minimum wage increased to $7.79 an hour for 2013.

What should the Florida minimum wage posters include?

Florida minimum wage posters should have the state minimum wage information. An employer is required by law to post this information.

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