What is mizoram famous for?

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In Mizoram
It is famous for its scenery, Its blue mountains, folk tales and for holding a Guinness World Record in 'BAMBOO DANCING'
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Will you be famous?

It's possible. You could discover or invent something or become a successful entertainer or other well-known individual. There is no way to know if that will happen, though. yes if you try hard at school and belive

Who is famous?

John McCain IS THE MOST least FAMOUS Miley Cyrus is the most famous Harvey .J. Harrison Is Famous As He Was In Every Speilburg film Check here : www.Who-is-Famous.com ( and get listed for free )

How can you be famous?

Call - 1-888-999-6632 and find out hope it helps BY JOSSELINE JAZMIN PALLAN ACOSTA lol my names long You can also become famous by doin somfin on utube

Why be famous why or why not?

Why you should be: You won't be bored with nothing to do all the time; when you're upset, you're fans' adorable faces will cheer you up; people may, in fact will, look up to you as an idol, etc.. ~But fame is a VERY dangerous thing if you're not a TRUE Christian! It can destroy you, and tear you up ( Full Answer )

Who were the Famous Five and why were they famous and when did they become famous?

"The Famous Five" were originally a set of novels written by the famous author, Enid Blyton. The famous five (Canada) The famous five were a group of Canadian women. What they are best known for is making women "persons" The Enid Blyton books were written for children, not clear in the first a ( Full Answer )

Why are you not famous?

You'd have to do something worthy of many people knowing about (you can be famous for both good and bad thing - though I don't recommending doing something bad to become famous...).

What can you do to be famous?

be popular so loads off people know you. go in clubs dance and ing were can any person that works in something to do with dancing and singing can see you and likes you.

How did famous people become famous?

Depending on the "fame", most who are famous (not including royalty who have no choice) did not set out to be famous. For instance, inventors set out to invent something useful and became famous because of it. Often people become famous after they have died.

How can you get to be famous?

There are many different ways to get famous the best way is to get a small job in acting or entertainment in general. Work your way up through to the top and you will get a famous job or you can join www.exploretalent.com just show the world you could do somthing Well, you have to have a talent ( Full Answer )

What do you do to get famous?

To be famous you need to work hard. Loads of things could make you famous the only problem is you need to be good at it. Civil Rights Activist..... Just like Martin Luther King Jr. . Scientist......... Albert Einstien. Bussines Man/Woman............Alice Waters. Writer............Amy Tan. EarthKe ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to get famous?

Number ONE, document it! Examples: 1. Kit Carson is famous for only one reason; Capt Fremont wrote about him and the news spread back east. There were many many famous scouts/trappers/hunters, California Joe...Fitzgerald (crooked hand or broken hand), Jim Bridger, Joe Walker, George Nidiver, but ( Full Answer )

What do famous people have to do to become famous?

Famous people become famous by showing that they have talent. Inorder to do that, they have to find a talent scout to show themthat they have the talent that it takes to become famous. You canbe the best carpenter/locksmith/dentist in the country, but unlesssomeone of some fair influence makes it kn ( Full Answer )

What are the famous quotes by famous peoples?

"Bomb them back into the stone age", USAF General Curtis LeMay, when referring to North Vietnam.Also-"Damn the torpedos, go ahead"Admiral David Farragut when the Teccumseh crossed the Brooklyns' path.

How you get famous?

Well you would have to star in plays, take dance lessons, have to be good at remembering things, and practice being a good singer. Also not everyone gets to be famous so remember that and do the best you can do! Good luck!

What is the name of agriculture in mizoram?

The answer is "JHUMING" . From time immemorial, the traditional method of Paddy cultivation in the hill slopes, commonly known as 'Jhuming' have been practiced in Mizoram till date. Jhuming is the most primitive and destructive method of cultivation-where the villagers slash down the forest, leav ( Full Answer )

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there is a lot of famous people like Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Daniel radcliff, Robert Louis stevenson, and a 100 more! barck Obama became famous by being a president! also Abraham Lincoln who died. Robert loius stevenson became famous by being a author and writing treasure island. Daniel radcl ( Full Answer )

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What I'd do? Well, I might post some videos on youtube that I like doing. Share the video and your channel onto your face, twitter, etc so your friends can see your talent. If you have lots of views, a sponsor could contact you or you can contact a sponsor so you can get money while advertising the ( Full Answer )

I want to be famous how did you start out to be famous?

u need experience and hard work. get an agent. if u can't get an agent, try some SAFE websites. theres a website for kid actors called kym leahy auditions or something like that. well heres the link. i got a commercial job on this one time. sometimes theres disney auditions there. but to get on disn ( Full Answer )

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Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen): I promise it would be as if I never existed. Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi): May the Force be with you. Nick Jonas: Yo, that's illoigical. I can't have it. Kevin Jonas: Hi, my name is Kevin and I'd like to sell you a car. Juliet: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefor ( Full Answer )

When can you get famous?

If you are a good singer you might win American Idol, then you will become famous. If you are a good actor people will notice your talent.

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Sir Clive Sinclair - inventor of the ZX80, ZX81 and Spectrum computers. Sir Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin label covering air travel, trains, music etc Tim Berners-lee - inventor of the internet ! Margaret Thatcher - first female Prime Minister & former MP Sir Cliff Richard - recording arti ( Full Answer )

How can be famous?

In order to become famous, well lets see it cant be easy. So u haveto have a talent for it and be good. Make a video of it orsomething and post it on youtube. You can try www.who-is-famous.com (free ) *See what happen to Justin Bieber? That's how he became famous.HEY! Keep your fingers crossed for ( Full Answer )

What is famous?

Famous is very well known for positive reasons. Being infamous isthe opposite. For example, Winston Churchill is famous but Adolf Hitler would bebest described as infamous..

Hyderbad is famous or banglore is famous?

Both Hyderabad and Bangalore are very big and famous cities of India. Hyderabad is a four-hundred-year old historic city; Bangaluru is an IT city. Both are highly cosmopolitan and major centers of higher learning.

When are the famous people famous for?

People who are famous are usually famous for a reason. It's either they have talent or they have done something to help their community.

Who are famous people from Tennessee and why are they famous?

There are a lot of people famous and that are from there to like for example Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift, Billy Ray Cyrus and the reason why they are famous because they do singing lessons and dancing lessons and when they get really good at it then they try out for TV shows and movies and they just g ( Full Answer )

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Michel telo is a Brazilian singer and composer. Ivette Sangalo is a Brazilian singer as well. Ronaldinho is a Brazilian soccer player who is considered by some one of the best footballer in the world. He was voted FIFA World Player of the year 2004 and 2005. He won the Championship league with FC Ba ( Full Answer )

Who are the famous people in paraguay and what are they famous for?

Well, 1)Kallihandra is a famous goddess of angry packmules... 2)Emilia is a guitarist in the Band Death By Popcicle... 3)Blanca is a barbaric Himilayan priestess constantly mistaken as the elusive Sasquatch... Hope this helped, Have a great Day!!! :)

Why is Amelia Earhart famous and what is she famous for?

Amelia was the first woman (American) to fly alone across theAtlantic Ocean on May 20th and 21st 1932. During her attempt to circumnavigate the world in 1937 shedisappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and was never seenagain although there is a certain amount of controversy surroundingthis. S ( Full Answer )

Why or how did she get famous?

Demi Lovato started out on Barney. A couple of years later she was on As The Bell Rings, a little 5 minute show on Disney in between shows. Well, my theory is that when Selena Gomez, her friend from Barney, got her own tv show (Wizards Of Waverly Place), she decided to audition for Camp Rock out of ( Full Answer )

What people in England are famous and what are they famous for?

Mark Zuckerberg he is famous for creating the facebook Basically he wanted to make the world a smaller place where communication easy Mark Zuckerberg he is famous for creating the facebook Basically he wanted to make the world a smaller place where communication was easy some sports people are ( Full Answer )

Why were The Famous Five famous?

1.they solved crimes and went on adventures when they were only 12 years old 2. its just a story

Who is famous scientist and why is the famous?

well, there's Albert Einstein and he was famous for creating the atom bomb and plenty of other things. And Earnest Rutherford Rutherford performed his most famous work after he received the nobel prize for chemistry. In 1911, he postulated that atoms have their positive charge concentrated ( Full Answer )

When will I will I be famous?

I cant answer i cant answer that. That there is a song quite an old song actually. :)

How get famous?

If you have talent all you need is an agent and be lucky enough to get the opportunity to audition and get the part. Or be an heiress like Paris Hilton.

When will CBSE publish class x results 2011-2012 in Mizoram?

Mizoram lies in the Guwahati Region of CBSE. CBSE Results are declared every year in the last days of May. (except once when they were declared in first half of june). These results are mostly declared in phases according to the various regions of CBSE. chennai, panchkula to name a few. in 2011 ( Full Answer )

Why are famous killers famous for killing?

Like it or not, human nature is facinated by horror and the macabe. It's comparable to people in passing cars that can't take their eyes off an automobile accident. Killers get far more attention than they should but as long as people are horrified by their crimes they will get noticed. There are ( Full Answer )

What to do to get famous?

You must have a talent or, by doing something helpful to the world to make it a better place. there are other things that can make you famous to.

How big is mizoram?

Mizoram is a little over eight thousand square miles. It's population is around one million.

How to be famous?

you go on youtube and do a cool video to get a lot of hits.