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Moderate squamous epithelial cells are sometimes present in urine samples. An occasional number is normal. Large numbers may indicate a more serious disease.

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Q: What is moderate squamous epithelial cells?
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What does rare squamous epithelial cells mean?

Squamous epithelial cells are scale like layers of cells that pose no risk. When referencing rare squamous epithelial cells it just means that there are not a lot of them.

What is the medical term for flat epithelial cells?

Flat epithelial cells are known as squamous cells. Squamous means tile-like.

What is the difference between ciliated epithelial cells and squamous epithelial cells?

Ciliated epithelial cells are columnar cells with specialized ciliary modifications. Squamous epithelial cells are characterized by being the layer of flat, scale-like cells.

Is the stratum corneum composed of squamous epithelial cells that slough off?

Yes, the stratum corneum consist of squamous epithelial cells the continually are shed.

What type of cells are cheek cells?

They are squamous epithelial cells

what are systoms....squamous epithelial cells > or 28?

squamous epiitheleal cells >or28 whatg does that indicate

Explain the meaning of squamous epithelial cells?

Squamous epithelial cells are a sub-type of epithelial cells (cells which line glands and the inner and outer surfaces of the body). These cells are characterized as being very thin and flat epithelial cells and populate organs such as the skin and esophagus.

What are types of epithelial cells?

Squamous , cuboidal , stratified , columnar , pseudostratified are types of epithelial cells .

What do Squamous epithelial cells mean on an abnormal pap smear result?

Squamous epithelial cells are the type of cells found on the cervix. That phrase on its own does not indicate any abnormality.

What kind of cells are squamous?

Squamous cells are a type of epithelial cell. Epithelial cells are cells that line the surface of an opening. For example skin cells are epithelial because they line the opening of the skin to the outside air. The lining of blood vessels are squamous as well, because they line the surface of the blood vessels. The basic types of epithelial cells are squamous, cuboidal, columnar, and transitional. The description can become more detailed such as stratified squamous and pseudostratified columnar. Squamous cells are very thin, flat cells. An example of squamous cells stacked on top of each other (stratified squamous) would be the outer layer of your skin. In fact these squamous cells are kertatinized and contain no active nucleus, and function mainly as a barrier to your inner body.

Single layer of epithelial cells?

stratified squamous

What means resembling squamous epithelial cells?


Is rare squamous epithelial cells always cancer?

no. they can be normal cells

Does animals and plants have squamous cells?

Yes, a squamous cell is just a type of cell, like a squamous epithelial cell.

What is the terms that describes flat irregular epithelial cells?


What type of epithelial cells is the epidermis composed of?

squamous cell

What is the general shape of epithelial cells?

squamous, cuboidal, and columnar

Cells that are arranged in several layers are called?

Squamous or Epithelial

Name the type of tissue in the lining of your mouth?

Squamous epithelial cells which is a form of Epithelial tissue

What are the living cells in the epidermis called?

It is called squamous epithelial cell which forms epithelial tissue.

What is the shape of cheek epithelial cells?

The cheek epithelial cells are flat and irregularly shaped. They are polygonal squamous cells that have a very thin membrane.

What term refers to epithelial cells that are flat and look like tiles?

squamous cells

What are the three basic shapes of epithelial cells?

Squamous, Cuboidal, and Columnar.

The basic shapes of epithelial cells include?

Squamous, cuboidal, and columnar.

What is the definition of the word squamous?

A squamous cell is an epithelium cell characterized by its most superficial layer consisting of flat, scale-like cells called squamous epithelial cells.