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What is moisture in the air?

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evaporated water, or humidity.

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Moisture in the air can be humidity, fog or mist.

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What happens to the moisture in the air as air rises?

The moisture condenses.

Why can warm air hold more moisture?

Moisture makes the air warmer, so in order for air to hold moisture it has to be warm.

What is a device for measuring the moisture in the air?

A hydrometer measures moisture in the air

What is the moisture in the air?

moisture in the air is tiny droplets turned into gas by evaporation

What is air moisture called?

The water vapour present in the air is called moisture.

Which holds more moisture warmer air or colder air?

The air that holds the most moisture in their air hole is warmer.

Does cool air hold more moisture than warm air?

No. Warm air holds more moisture than cool air because when cool air holds a lot of moisture, it condenses and turns into rain.

How does relative humidity increase?

Relative humidity increases when the amount of moisture air can hold increases. The increase can be caused by the introduction of more moist air, OR a temperature drop of the air/moisture mixture without a loss of moisture. Colder air will hold less moisture than warm air; as the temperature goes down the amount of moisture relative to what the air can hold increases.

Sentence with the word moisture?

If there is too much moisture in the air, the air will feel cold and damp.

What are sentences that have the word moisture?

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air. What's that moisture on your glasses?

If the relative humidity is hidh does the air have a lot of moisture or a little moisture?

a lot of moisture

Does cold air cause moisture in the air?


What is moisture in air?

Moisture in the air is usually referred to as humidity. This humidity can be measured and is something that is constantly changing.

As the dew point temperature of a sample air decrease the amount of moisture in that saple of air?

The moisture decreases.

What type of air hold moisture best?

The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. This is an exponential relationship.

Does warm air hold more moisture than cool air?

Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, but does not always do so. Air in a hot desert for example, is often very hot but holds almost no moisture.

What do we call a dirty haze that forms an air polution combines with moisture in the air?

A dirty haze resulting from air pollution and air moisture is called smog.

Colder air holds less moisture than warmer air?

If air is holding as much moisture as it can, colder air holds less than warmer.

Why the are there clouds?

Moisture in the air

Why is there moisture on walls in the winter?

Moisture in the air condenses on the cold surfaces.

Moisture in the air what is it called?

Moisture in the air is called humidity. There are different measurements of humidity including absolute humidity.

What drys moisture?

anything that soaks up moisture anything that soaks up moisture (a sponge has air spaces that contain the water) mostly anthing that has air space (very small air spaces)

What air holds more moisture?

Warm air

How do air ferns grow?

By absorbing moisture from the air.

Does air conditioning take the moisture out of the air?