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What is monochromatic light?



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Light comprising just one particular wavelength.
monochromatic light consists ofwaves having same wavelenths
monochromatic light is a
light having single wavelenth
Answer 1: a light which has only one wavelength(or frequency) is called monochromatic light. for example - laser is a monochromatic but sunlight is not monochromatic because it contains group of frequency of various colours.

Answer 2: It is light of a single (mono) colour (chromata). Monochromatic light cannot be separated into separate colours with a prism. Monochromatic light is light all of the same frequency.

White light is not monochromatic as it can be separated into a "spectrum" by a prism, and neither are many other colours, like purple which is basically light lacking in green. Violet light is monochromatic, although because of the limitations of the human visual system it appears to be a sort of purple.

Orange and other "Secondary" (human perceived) colours can be monochromatic or they can made with say green light and red light. These are two very different lights, as show by the ability of the prism to reseparate the red and green lights, but because of the limitation of the human eye are perceived the same. Similarly many dyes and combinations of lights will appear the same to most humans, but in fact are completely different spectrally and are only related in how they interact with the human visual system.