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Both are equally important and integrated with each other. If you are well educated, it means you are enriched with a lot of information. On other hand if an individual is not educated, he might have less theoretical information.

In some cases like job education is must, and in cases information is more important. Rationally speaking both have their own importance, it simply depends on the nature of the circumstances whether education is more important or information.

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Aside from broadening your knowledge, it also give you excess to quality information (that is if your research information are valid) which could assist you in your project. Without research, means you are just dumping your own knowledge without a valid and quality backup to support your "theory"

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Information is the same as facts. It's stuff you can learn about the world and it's important because the more you know, the smarter you are and the more you can do.

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It depends on the information.

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Q: What is more importan education or information?
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