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Q: What is more important good food or good service?
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Do you consider more important as far as a restaurant is concerned- courteous prompt service or a quality product?

this is like comparing apples and Oranges, wonderful service is n ot very good if the food is lousy, if the food is wonderful and the service is terrible, customers will not return either way.

What s more important safety or customer service?

What is more important safety or customer service

Is protein food good for you?

They are important because they have vitamin and the are good for your bones and make u more tall.

Why customer service important in Starbucks?

Because good customer service makes customers happy and if they are happy they are more likey to come back for more and take their friends.

Why is effective communication important for the salon business?

why is communication important in a business environment

Which is more important courteous prompt service or quality product?

The Quality of the product is more important. If the quality of your product is in line with the standards of the region that your product is sold in then there would be no need to waste money on customers that complain because they think they can. I earn an income from companies who waste money on stroking customer egos.

At a hotel if the food was good but had bad service would you go again?

I would test them one more time, if I liked the food. If the service was bad the first time, it could be because they were very busy.

Why is it important to have good customer service?

this is important because you might be promoted and it will show how popular your store is. then it will bring back more people! let me know if this helped you!

Name something you expect to get when flying first class?

Drinks Good Service More Room Better Food

Which is more important water or food?

Food because there's more food then water.

How much should I tip someone providing a delivery service for fast food?

It really depends on how much you spend and how good the service was. Generally, you should give them $2-$3 dollars for their effort of bringing you the food, but not more than that.

Why is human development important to the human service field?

Farming is very important to the human development because instead of risking your lives for food,you can just harvest ood such as corn,cabbages and more.