What is more important in Tanzania gender or age?

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Depending one who you are.
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Where is Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country of East-central Africa . Tanzania is an EastAfrican nation known for its boundless wild ranges.

Which gender watches more tennis?

Statistics for all tennis events, live and on TV, are almost impossible to come by, as they are not all made available to the public. However, according to an article in the online "SportsBusiness Daily" (refer to the link, below), the Nielsen ratings by year and gender for the US Open between 1996 ( Full Answer )

Who is more religious according to gender?

If by religious you mean attends church then without a doubt women are. Look at any congregation of a church which does not segregate men from the women, and you will find that the women will outnumber the males by some twenty five percent at times. Women are far most likely to accept the gospel t ( Full Answer )

Is Tanzania more rural or urban?

Most of the country is rural Africa, but large cities such as Arusha and Dar Es Salaam also exist.

Which gender uses heroin more?

Answer . neither, it affects all genders and races. BUT with my experience most 18 year old middle class white kids use the most.

Does age or gender effect memory?

acording to sienific studies there is no difference in memory because you are a differant gender but age does effect memory

Does age or gender affect memory?

With aging, the brain seems to lose cells in areas that produce important chemicals that carry information. This decrease in cells upsets the delicate balance of the chemical "messengers." So, as we age, it's not that we forget more easily, but rather that we may simply take longer to learn new info ( Full Answer )

What is the main import of Tanzania?

Import Export, pier import, import opportunity, furniture import, import supplier, Asian, dvd, business, African, food, shoes, bulletin board, street racing, dockside, cds, global, world, car magazine,European. customs, car accessory, table, video, international, bank.

Which gender shops online more?

I would say the female gender would be the one doing the online shopping rather than the male gender. In general males don't really like shopping unless it's for his car, or something guy-ish!

Why is gender issues important in education?

because Another social issue in education is differentiation on the basis of sex. Girls have lesser opportunities, compared to boys for studying, in certain sections of the society. Expectations from girls to score high in studies or study further, are less too.

What gender enjoys sex more?

It's impossible to know since no one person has the ability to compare orgasms between men and women to know which one has it better.

Which gender is seen to be more obese?

I know we hate to read it, but its women. Im 17 years old, and I had to do a 9 paragraph essay on "Which people group is fattest, and why". People group means many different things of course such as, ethnicity, age, and gender. As women now a days live much more fast paced lives, they have no time t ( Full Answer )

Which gender gambles more?

\nStudies show that men gamble more than women tend to. That doesn't mean that women don't gamble, they just don't have time, whereas men enjoy gambling with pleasure. Hope that answers your question!

What does Tanzania import?

There are so many things that Tanzania imports into the country.Some of the main imports include electronics, processed foods,computers and other essential commodities.

Which gender commits more suicides?

More men commits suicides than women .. They were not able to show what they really feels , They are just hiding their emotions .. They are afraid to lose their prides as a man. And when the time comes, they can not handle those feelingsanymore, Some men prefer to commit suicides. _______________ ( Full Answer )

Why is gender discrimination important?

Answer 1 Its not important, we will discriminate for as long as we live onthis earth. To try and stop it is just plain idiotic. Answer 2 Gender Discrimination is a serious problem. It hampers thedevelopment of societies, when an entire of half of the populationcannot be as productive and success ( Full Answer )

Which gender is more preferred in a pig?

The gender in a pig which is more preferred is the female. This isdue to the fact that it will give birth and increase their number.

How does race age and gender affect communication?

Race should not affect communication at all unless you are speaking two different languages or dialects. Age makes a difference because certain people develope mentally at different rates. It takes a certain amount of maturity in the brain for two people to communicate on the same 'wavelength'. Gend ( Full Answer )

Is gender sensitivity very important?

guys can get a bit careless.they can be sensetive or a total jerk.they have feelings,therir usually soft inside and hard outside.On girls we can get very sensetive.we usaully care alot,can get bit annoying,we love getting flowers and can take things the wrong way so be careful on sensetive-aty on ga ( Full Answer )

Can DNA tests prove age and gender?

DNA can be easily used to specify gender, and can narrow or exempt a period of time (meaning they may be within or definitely not of a certain age), but exact age cannot be determined without physical examination.

Which gender is more likely to drink?

This is not certain as it depends on the way you were brought up and if you were introduced to alcohol early. However, the male gender is more likely to drink a bad amount of alcohol mainly because they can: A. handle a larger amount of alcohol compared to males, B. females have a higher addiction r ( Full Answer )

Where gender is more ticklish?

Research studies have shown that there is no significant difference in ticklishness between males and females. It seems to be more of an individual issue than a gender issue. However, this topic is still up for debate, because the nature of tickling and how it is caused is still not completely ce ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Tanzania?

Just a couple of suggestions: . You can go on a wildlife safari . You can hike Mount Kilimanjaro/Mount Meru You can also go on a Coffee/Banana plantation tour and a waterfall tour Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, you take the ferry across the ocean about 2 hours and there are many things you ca ( Full Answer )

Who was more important in middle ages monarchs or the church?

It depends on many things. Such as which Monarch, which Countries,and which parts of the world. As a whole though several treds haveemerged. Western Europe From the Atlanic Ocean to basically the River Dnieper and North ofByzantium was Catholic Europe. In general the Church had absoluteauthority ( Full Answer )

Sexting have you done it age gender why regrets?

no i have not done this and i never will im a girl and im 18 years old. I think its stupid to do that because you never know where those messages might end up or if that person isn't showing them to anyone else. Dont show pictures of your self to someone else because you never know what could happen ( Full Answer )

What is more important technology or trade in the medieval ages and Why?

This is a hard question, and possibly impossible to answer with any assurance. Technology was profoundly important. It was a little different in the middle ages than it is today, because it applied more to mechanical things, metallurgy, chemistry, and so on, and was pretty simple by modern standards ( Full Answer )

What kind of music do you like What is your age and gender?

i like country music and im 54 I'm 16 years old and a female Hispanic teen. I like pop, hip hop, rap, and sometimes alternative. I don't really listen to country, and I DO NOT like rock n' roll or punk or anything hardcore.

Which gender gets bunions more?

WOMEN! Women are 4 times more likely than men to develop a bunion. Heredity, injury, and mechnical forces applied to the forefoot and toes..courtesy of western foot fashion...are the culprit.

Why is Tanzania is very important in Kenya?

There are several reasons: 1.Geographically Tanzania borders Kenya from the North! Almost half of Kenya is dry arid land...... unsuitable for any kind of economic activity,the whole southern part of Kenya which is the only arable and productive land borders Tanzania........this region is well eco ( Full Answer )

How are age and gender linked to schizophrenia?

Teenagers and young adults are most likely to get schizophrenia. Women with schizophrenia are more likely to have less severe schizophrenia and have paranoid schizophrenia, as well as developing schizophrenia at an average age of 25; men have a more severe course, with higher rates of disorganized a ( Full Answer )

Please can you put your gender and age when you answer the question please. Do you think that teenagers that drink are more likely to get pregnant than teens that dont?

I am a seventeen year old female. There is nothing physiologically that takes place in a teen who drinks that would make them more likely to get pregnant than a person who's sober. Assuming that the drinker is taking the exact same precautions as a sober person in regards to protection, neither per ( Full Answer )

Does gender matter when sports are important?

No because I'm really into boxing and football. I'me like 6 foot 4 and there is this 5 foot 8 girl who is super skinny and small and we got into an exhibition match for a school fundraiser. It turned out that the girl beat me and I had a mild concussion, a broken leg, a broken arm, three broken fing ( Full Answer )

What gender lies more?

It is equal! Women lie to themselves saying everything is okay. and a lot NOT ALL men lie about everything. But this is a silly question considering not everyone is the same and this is stereotyping of all humans and we have not quite met everyone in the world.

What is the importance of Tanzania population census?

to know the birth and death rate,number of literacy and illiteracy,provision of social services,dependant and independant,level of development,number of people accros the areas,mother and children mortality rate,to know number of livestock within the areas.

Why is race and ethnicity discrimination more important than gender discrimination?

There may be some individuals who make the argument that racial andethnic discrimination are more important than gender discriminationbecause the disparities between the minority classes and the"discriminator" class are more pronounced than the genderdifferences, but this strikes me as a silly argum ( Full Answer )

What are the constraints of gender mainstreaming in Tanzania?

One of the constraints of gender mainstreaming in Tanzania is thelongstanding incidence of misogyny, which is a hindrance to gendermainstreaming in most cultures. Another are the cultural traditionsthat lend credence to the separation of the sexes as far as abilityand equality.

Why is gender analysis important?

Analysing power imbalances and empowering marginalised people is central to Reflect . Exploring gender inequalities is an essential aspect when looking at power. Gender relations and gender oppression were often sidelined in early Reflect projects and in other popular education programmes. Crucia ( Full Answer )