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A Bass Player

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Q: What is more likely to sit in a band a guitar player or a bass player?
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Who was the bass guitar player in John Cougar band?

mark lavete

Can you have multiple careers on Guitar Hero metallica?

yes... you can do single player in guitar,bass,drums or mic........or you can do band tour on guitar and bass, guitar and drums, guitar and mic, bass and drums, mic and bass, mic and drums.

How do you equalize a band?

If you're thinking of how to balance a band then most likely 4. Singer, guitar, bass, drums.

Who plays the Bass guitar?

The Bass Guitar Player.

Is a bass-guitar important for a band?

yes.It gives bass effect to the band.

What do you need to do to start a rock and roll band?

A singer,drumer,keyboard player,bass player and guitar player.

Does the rock band bass guitar work on Guitar Hero?


Which one is more commonly used in a rock band guitar bass or an electric bass guitar?

A bass-guitar and an electric bass guitar is the same thing, unless you want to get technical and call it an acoustic bass guitar and an electric, whereas your answer would be electric (for a rock/alt./punk/metal band) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Can a band be formed without a bass-guitar?

yes because they have guitar right like the green day, blink they have no bass guitar

What member of the rock band called Cream played bass guitar?

Jack Bruce played bass guitar .

Who is the Base player rod Stewart band?

Rod Stewart's current bass player (both guitar and upright) is Conrad Korsch.

Can you use a ps2 Guitar Hero 3 guitar for rock band bass guitar on PS3?

yep any guitar, drum, vocal, or bass works.

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