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What is morphine used for?

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It's a painkiller.

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Q: What is morphine used for?
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Related Questions

Is morphine used for medical treatment?

Morphine is used for medical treatment.

What is morphine usually used for?

Morphine is generally used to control pain and assist in labored breathing.

Can Morphine be used Medically?

that is what its used for...

What is morphine prescribed for?

Morphine is used to relieve severe or agonizing pain and suffering.

Does Lidocaine patch have morphine in it?

No it does not. It is used in combination with morphine and ketamine such as fentynal patches.

When is morphine used?

For legitimate medical treatment, morphine is used to relieve severe pain, such as after surgery. Of course, like most drugs, morphine is also abused and taken recreationally. It is quite addictive.

What morphine used for?

pain control

Is morphine like heroine?

Sort of, morphine is also addictive but it is used by doctors to relieve pain.

Is morphine in heroin?

No, not unless the chemical process used to make it was less than precise. Heroin is made from morphine, and heroin converts to morphine in the body.

What happens if you mix morphine and promethazine?

Morphine is for pain,promethazine is for nausea. It is commonly used together due to morphine, has a tendency to make people nauseated.

Can you mix morphine with diazepam?

After morphine you may not need diazepam at all. Morphine is very much dangerous drug and diazepam is very safe drug. Morphine has to be used very carefully and diazepam can be used almost routinely in today's world of lot of psychological tensions.

What drug does the hound inject in Fahrenheit 451?

High doses of morphine. In normal doses morphine is used as a pain killer, but in Fahrenheit 451, the Hound injects its victims with fatal amounts of morphine. The answer is MORPHINE.

Is morphine a paralytic?

no, Morphine is an opiate, narcotic pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain

Is morphine and tramacet the same drug?

Morphine and tramacet are not the same drug, but both are used to control pain.

How often was morphine used in World War 1?

Morphine was used everyday. It released pain because a lot of soldiers were injured and it was used to numb the pain their feeling.

How morphine is used?

In most parts of the world, morphine is used to treat moderate to severe pain. In a crisis, or a place where other medications are hard to find, morphine can be used to treat diarrhea & excessive coughing. In most countries though, other medicines would be used for these conditions.

Is morphine used to lower heart rate?


What is morphine used for in the US?

It is a pain killer

Why was morphine used during the war?

was a painkiller

Where is usually morphine used?

morphine is used for medical purposes as well as for drug use and to 'get high' or make yourself numb for an extended amount of time

How do people take morphine?

Morphine is a prescription pain medicine used for extreme pain. Morphine can be taken orally, through a patch, a stomach pump, or by injecting into the veins.

Is morphine illegal?

Morphine is actually widely used in hospitals as a form of legal pain relief, however to possess or use morphine without a prescription is illegal. (Class A drug)

What is the pill s4 262 used for?

It's morphine. Used for pain.

Does morphine change the color of your urine?

Morphine in most forms, such as used in the hospitals, or prescribed by your Doctor does not change the color of your urine.

What is better vikodin or morphine?

I used to take vicodon i really didnt care for it as much as percocet. but, morphine- way better!!