What is most expensive BMW?

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I believe that the most expensive BMW is the z8 which costs $130, 645 and is one of the 10 most expensive cars.

The is accualy a more expensive set of BMWs, A very limited BMW 7-series armored models that you can get in the 745l, 745li, 750li, and the 760li. All of which are upward of 160,000 new.

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2011-09-13 17:07:03
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Q: What is most expensive BMW?
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the z8 is

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There are 3 convertibles in the BMW 3 Series. There is the BMW 328i Convertible , the BMW 335i Convertible and the BMW 335is Convertible. The 335is is the most expensive with the most horsepower and the lowest mpg.

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Its unlikely. It will be hellishly expensive if you do!

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