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Q: What is most likely the speaker's intent in this excerpt from the hypocrisy of American slavery?
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What is the name of the speech that Frederick Douglass gave about slavery?

The speech was called "The Hypocrisy of American Slavery" given July 4, 1852 at Rochester, NY

What summarizes the thesis of excerpt of slavery?

The excerpt on slavery focuses on the brutal oppression and dehumanization of enslaved individuals, highlighting the systemic violence and the denial of basic human rights. The thesis explores the profound impact of slavery on both the enslaved individuals and society as a whole, illustrating the long-lasting effects of this dark period in history.

Four words indicating the problem that Thomas Jefferson that to overcome?

Slavery, inequality, discrimination, hypocrisy.

What was American slavery called?


Who was one of the best known speakers and writers about slavery?

harriet tubman

What did Frederick Douglass have against The Fourth of July?

I believe you are referring to his speech he gave entitled "Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro." Douglass was simply pointing out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of the white American population. They were celebrating freedom while oppressing those in slavery.

What was the effect of the American Revolution on slavery?

The American Revolution did not effect slavery. It was the Civil War that had the biggest effect on slavery in the US.

What does AASS stand for American Anti Slavery Society?

American Anti Slavery Society

The amendment which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude was the?

This excerpt expresses the view of the post-Civil War period held by

When was American Anti-Slavery Group created?

American Anti-Slavery Group was created in 1994.

What does Lincoln promise the leaders of slave holding states in the second excerpt?

The second excerpt of what? I assume you mean in his inauguration, when he promised that he wouldn't interfere with slavery in the states in which it already existed, and the he wouldn't maintain the Union by initiating force.

Why was slavery a cause of the American Civil War?

it wasn't about slavery