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This could be when you mix up a word in the target language (what you are learning) with a word in the language that you already speak, when the words appear similar but mean something different. For example, let's say you speak English and you are learning Spanish. You come to the word "roto" which actually means "broken," but you misinterpret it as "rotten" because they look similar.

Mother tongui interference could also be when you attempt to use the grammatical structure of the mother tongue to the target language. For example, in English we can say, "Who did you give it to?" Some sticklers, of course, will insist on saying "To whom did you give it?" because the preposition "to" should really come before the object, and "whom" is the correct object form of "who." Nonetheless, all of us English speakers understand the question that ends with the the preposition. However, no speaker of Spanish would ever put the preposition last, as it wimply wouldn't make sense that way in Spanish. Furthermore, the verb form "daste" wouold be the same in a statement or a question, while in English we change "gave" of a statement into "did give" in a question. So the question in Spanish would be "¿A quién lo daste?" Not"¿Quién lo daste a?" and not "¿Quién lo hiciste dar a?".

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Q: What is mother tongue interference?
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