What is motion?

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Motion is change of location or position of an object with respect to time. Change in motion is the result of an applied force. Motion is typically described in terms of velocity also seen as speed, acceleration, displacement, and time. However, the motion of an object is only relative to the position of another object. Motion is a change in position of an object with respect to another object.

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Q: What is motion?
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Related questions

10 types of motion?

There are so many types of motion. 10 of them are periodic motion, rolling motion, projectile motion, simple harmonic motion, rotational motion, circular motion, curvilinear motion, Oscillation, Brownian motion, and rectilinear motion.

How does motion relates to the three laws of motion?

Motion is already involves in motion because the motion is motion

What are the some examples of motion?

Some examples of motion are-random motion,periodic motion,rotatory motion,circular motion and osclitory motion

What are types of motion?

Linear Motion, reciprocating motion, rotary motion, and oscillating motion

In motion and kinds of motion what is random motion?

the motion in which a body vibirate is known as vibiratory motion

How many types of motion is there in cheerleading?

There is a right motion, a left motion, a up motion, a down motion, a back motion, and a forward motion. So that is a total of 6. Unless you count the flying motion thats 7.

How do riders in a Ferris wheel posses translator y motion but not rotatory motin?

The motion of the wheel is rotatory motion but the motion of the riders is circular motion which is a translatory motion.

What is a simultaneous motion?

The motion in which translator motion and rotatory motion takes place simultaneously is called simultaneous motion

What is simultaneous motion?

The motion in which translator motion and rotatory motion takes place simultaneously is called simultaneous motion

What is the 3 kinds of motion?

there are 5 kinds of motion. they are 1.translatory motion 2.rotatory motion 3.transla- rotatory motion 4.periodic motion 5.vibratory motion

What is the Difference between periodic motion and rotational motion?

rotational motion is the motion which always take circular path.Periodic motion means motion that repeats with the same inter-well of rotation is an eg. of rotational motion, at the same time it is a periodic motion.

Is the motion of earth an example of periodic motion?

No the motion of the Earth is rotational motion.

What are the 3 kinds of motion?

Translatory motion. Rotatory motion. Vibratory motion.

What are the kinds of motion?

There are different kinds of motion that exist in physics. Some of them include linear motion, angular motion, rotary motion, constant motion and many more.

Is earth's motion is a circular motion?

No, the earth's motion is a periodic motion forming an ellipse.

How does this motion relate to wave motion?

because motion is moving and wave motion has waves

What is horizontal motion vertical motion?

Horizontal motion is motion that moves back and forth and vertical motion moves up and down.

Why does object in motion stay in motion?

An object in motion stays in motion because it requires a force to change the motion. No force, no change.

What is the difference between oscillating and rotational motion?

Rotational motion is motion which emulates that of the minute hand of a clock. Oscillating motion is motion which emulates that of the pendulum.

What balance motion and unbalance motion?

the motion in any specific direction following any path in the action of force is called balanced motion . Where as the motion in an y direction due to the force is called unbalance motion motion.

Newtons second law of motion is a real law of motion explain?

Newtons's second law of motion is considered as a real law of motion because from this law of motion both first law of motion and third law of motion can be derived

Uniform linear motion and uniform circular motion?

Linear motion (also called rectillinear motion) is motion along a straight line. Uniform linear motion ,which constant velocity is zero. when a body (or an object) moves in a circle , it is called circular motion. Motion in a circle is circular motion.

What device in the valve train changes rotary motion into reciprocating motion?

The Cam Changes rotary motion of the camshaft into the reciprocating motion of the valve.

How does gravity affect the two components of projectile motion?

Projectile motion has two components horizontal motion and vertical motion. Gravity affects only the vertical motion of projectile motion.

The tendency for an object in motion to remain in motion is called orbital speed?

The tendency for an object in motion to remain in motion is called inertia of motion.