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What is mucus composed of?

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Mucus consists of mucin, water, cells, and inorganic salts and is secreted as a protective lubricant coating by cells and glands of the mucous membranes..

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What are the 5 chemicals every living thing is composed of?

guts mucus and brains

What makes up gastric juices?

gastric juices are composed of pepsin, rennin, hydrochloric acid, and mucus.

What Elements Does Boogers Have?

Boogers, formally known as mucus, are composed of carbon, silcon-dioxide, hydrogen sulfate, and amoxicillin.

What types of epithelial Cells secrete mucus?

Goblet cells secrete mucus, a viscous fluid composed primarily of highly glycosylated proteins called mucins suspended in a solution of electrolytes.Goblet cells.

What are the walls of the small intestine lined with?

Mucus, i thinkAnther answerThe inner lining of the small intestine is composed of a layer known as the mucousa.

What is the name of one digestive juice?

---- Gastric acid is mainly composed of hydrochloric acid, 2 protein digesting enzymes (Pepsin and Rennin), as well as mucus.

What is the difference between mucus and mucous?

The word "mucus" is used with mucus membrane; mucus membrane secretes mucous.

How do you use mucus in a sentence?

mucus- mucus in the lungs makes breathing difficult

What is the mucus escalator?

Also referred to as the mucociliary escalator; covers bronchi, bronchioles, and nose in the respiratory tract. It is composed of the mucus-secreting goblet cells and ciliated epithelium found in the mucosa lining of the respiratory tract. The cilia are continually beating, pushing mucus up and out into the throat, forming a major barrier against infection. Microorganisms trying to infect the respiratory tract are caught in the sticky mucus and moved up by this mucuciliary escalator. The mucus is pushed into the throat and swallowed, then digested by the body, preventing the microorganisms from causing any harm/infection to the body

What is the correct spelling for mucus?


What are bogeys made of?

Mucus and a dust a mucus and a dust a mucus and a dust, the Addams Family!!!!!!

What about the salivary glands?

Each salivary gland is composed of 2 types of cells: a. mucous cells secretes mucus and b.serous cells secretes a watery substance, serous fluid.

Why do have mucus in your bronchi?

Mucus keeps the dust and other bacteria out. mucus actually safeguards lungs.

Can your mucus plug be yellowish green?

Yes its perfectly normal for mucus plug to be tinged Green or Yellow. Mucus plus means exactly that .. Mucus..

How does mucus protect your body?

Mucus protects your body because when you sneeze the bacteria is caried in your mucus..So when you have a cold, the mucus helps you get rid of bacteria

Are mucus glands endocrine?

Mucus glands are exocrine, not endocrine, glands. They secrete mucus via ducts.

What part of speech is the word mucus?

Mucus is a noun.

What does green nasal mucus mean?

nasal mucus that is green.

Why do you have solid mucus?

Mucus becomes solid when moisture is not present.

What kind of mucus does cancer feed on?

Cancer does not feed on mucus.

What is the scientific name for mucus?

Mucus is a scientific name in itself.

How does mucus protect your body from diseases?

Mucus expels diseases from your body. When viruses are in your body, your body puts them into mucus so that you can get rid of them. When you sneeze you are expelling mucus. That is why sneezing on someone can get them sick.

What is mucus?

Mucus is that green stuff inside your nose. It's also inside your throat-it's there to (hopefully) stop viruses, bacteria and anything else that may start a disease getting inside your body. You swallow it and they get destroyed in the stomach. Mucus is the slimy matter secreted by your mucous membranes to provide lubrication and protection from germs. An example is the mucus in your nose.Mucus as in mucus plug, and mucus membrane.

How do cilia remove mucus?

Cilia remove mucus by pushing it in the airway passage. The mucus will be removed by cilia when it has impurities that are trapped therein.

How do mucus and cilia fight infection?

Mucus acts like a flytrap and then the cilia on the mucus bring the bacteria up towards the mouth.