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The term multidisciplinary means to combine different specialties or academic disciplines into an approach for a single issue. In the health field, the word means that members of various medical disciplines team up to provide their services to a patient.

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Q: What is multi disciplinary?
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An examination of multi disciplinary case study in accounting dept?

An examination of multi disciplinary case study in accounting department

What does the medical abbreviation MDT mean?

Multi Disciplinary Team

What is the definition of multidisciplinary when used in health and social care?

What is the definition of multi-disciplinary within a health care setting?

Multi-disciplinary approach in e-commerce?

E-Commerce marketing uses many different skill sets to achieve the best results. It is very important to have a multi-disciplinary approach in e-commerce such as:- Sales Affiliation for product Relationtionship Management Creative Design Database Management Analytics Technology Performance Marketing Email Marketing Search Marketing and Social Media

What tool on a 2D map is used for easy navigation?

BIM 360 Glue to create an easy to navigate, multi-disciplinary model.

What is multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working?

multi-agency workingIt means that different organisations work together on one particular issue. Say, with a child needing protection it would involve the police, social services, maybe their GP, the police

Is Anthropology a life science earth science or physical science?

Anthropology is a multi-disciplinary study, with origins in the natural sciences, life science, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Why is it criminology a multi-disciplinary science?

Because it (criminality) covers a wide range of behavior, and results in various types of data that must be understood to solve the problems.

Who are the GarageGeeks?

Garage Geeks:" A Physical & virtual space for multi-disciplinary creative people to meet, innovate and build non-commercial projects that would otherwise may not come to life"

What is the meaning of e-database?

An e-database is an organized collection of information, of a particular subject or multi-disciplinary subject areas.The information of an e-database can be searched and retrieved electronically.

What do you mean disciplinary measures used in organization?

What do you mean disciplinary measures used in organization?

When was US Disciplinary Barracks created?

United States Disciplinary Barracks was created in 1874.

How can you fellow of royal society for health?

The Royal Society for Public Health is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity organisation. To become a fellow of The Royal Society for Public Health, the person must be nominated.

What has the author Barbara Ann Weston written?

Barbara Ann Weston has written: 'An evaluation of a multi-disciplinary diagnostic clinic for children with autistic spectrum disorder, with particular reference to its impact on families'

What are the disadvantages of multi-disciplinary teams?

The information isn't always shared properly with all professionals and as a result the child's needs aren't always met. Also as a result of information being passed around, there is a risk of confidentiality being breached, so more care needs to be taken in the storage of information. Time isn't always set aside for meetings, and as some multi-disciplinary teams aren't based together, communication is sometimes a challenge.

Explain the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies?

Environmental studies is a very multi-disciplinary are of research. It crosses over with many other areas of study, including biology, chemistry, natural science, and engineering.

What is taught at a Cordon Bleu cooking school?

Cordon Bleu is a multi disciplinary cooking school for the home enthusiast. Cordon Bleu provide both physical and online classes ranging from basic to gourmet cooking.

What was the base campus in Antarctica established by India for conducting scientific studies?

According to the Indian Antarctic Program, which ". . . is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional program under the control of the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. . . ", the research stations are Dakshin Gangotri, Maitri, and Bharathi.

Spelling of displinary?


Can a 17 year old be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing?

Not enough information is given. Disciplinary hearing for WHAT? WHO is the hearing held by?

What is disciplinary variation in academia?

Disciplinary variation is quite simply the variety of subjects that a student can take or that it is possible to take.

What are most frequent disciplinary offenses in the Army related to?

Most frequent disciplinary offenses in the Army are leave related.

What is a disciplinary barrack?

A "disciplinary barracks" is a military prison facility, or a similar detention area for those accused or convicted of a military offense. The most notable is the US Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

What is the first step in the workplace disciplinary procedure?

A first step in the disciplinary procedure is to establish work rules that are in line with the organization's goals or objectives. These work rules become the basis for disciplinary actions when the rules are broken.

What should a quality medical team be comprised of?

Selecting a hospital that has a multi-disciplinary team of specialists is important. The medical team should include surgeons (as applicable), physicians who specialize in the patient's medical condition (such as cardiologists for heart.