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In Korean naming system, the last name comes first. Korea has no middle name system. Traditionally Korean name has three characters, "Gil Dong Hong". Here "Gil Dong" is one first name consisting of two Chinese characters. And "Hong" is another Chinese character telling the last name. "Gil Dong Hong" is written in western order. In Korea we say "Hong Gil Dong." Some people use their name like "Gil-dong", "Gil-Dong" or "Gildong". So I think it would be better how you want to be called in Korean name. Anyway in Korean "Del Rosario Dino Adrian" is the order of your name. It can be written, "델 로사리오 디노 아드리안." But as a Korean, it would be confusing how to call you name in short way. I recommend you to have shorter form of your name. Or why don't you have a Korean name then? : )

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Q: What is my Korean name can you help me Dino Adrian is my given name and Del Rosario is my surname?
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