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What is name of the poketech app that tells you were the legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon diamond?


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There is no such app, there is only an app which can show you where roaming Pokemon, such as Mesprit and Cresellia are, called the Marking Map (which can be obtained from the president of the Poketch company after obtaining the Veilstone badge).

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go to Pokemon marriland.com then it tells you where to find them

if it is the podeum app for the poketech then it tells u how many times u ran into a certain Pokemon in a row, the higher the total number, the higher the chance of running into a shiney or unique version of that Pokemon. This can easily be manipulated by using max repels and the pokerader if u know how to operate the two to your benifit

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you

i have a pokemon book that tells me where every pokemon is. and you cant find it in diamond or platinum only in pearl (at the eterna forest night only)

dawns sister tells u where it is it is in a swarm like Pokemon diamond

No, she tells you where pokemon from other regions are swarming, so you have a chance to catch them there.

Okay, that's pretty easy because visited there. And in diamond and Pearl there the same game, but just different pokemon. It's in the Mt. Coronent. It's where you catch Dialga iin diamond, and Palkia in Pearl. You can also catch Arcus, and last legendary pokemon. Not to be mean, but are you stupid?yes i am stupid loloopllilly:Do not read!All he tells you is about dilga

Every day she tells you the location of a swarm of Pokemon that aren't normally obtainable.

sadlly no you can not you can only migrate Pokemon on to pearl diamond and platinum sorry no it tells you when trasferd you cnat

I recommend the sight www.psypokes.com Its a really good sight and it tells u all u need to know!!!!

you could buy the Pokemon diamond and pearl guide book.it tells you when each Pokemon evolves.it only shows you the Pokemon from diamond and pearl.it costs 15 or 20 dollars it's really helpful if you barely got your Pokemon game.its useless if you already passed most of it.

This does 2 things; 1, tells you how powerful Return/Frustration is, and 2, some Pokemon evolve through max happiness after you level them up, so it tells you if that Pokemon would evolve.

yes first you go to stark mountin and catch heatren then you go to iron island and see cresslia it will flee then look at the poketech app that tells you where fleeing Pokemon are then chase it and catch it

you go to Oreburgh city go to the museum (top right) go to the scientist (behind desk) talk to him and he tells you

JesseTheEternal- No, there is a big list of Pokemon that can appear however. I don't have it currently.

Drowzee is a swarm pokemon, he can be found in route 215 on the days that Lucas's sister tells you it is that Pokemon.

you have to talk to the boss and he tells you what rare Pokemon you can find in his gardin

This might help: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pickup_(ability) And it even tells you what can be picked up... How convenient.

The master of the Pokemon Mansion tells you which Pokemon you can find in his garden. Some Pokemon, like Meowth, can only be found in that garden. Each day another Pokemon appears...

if you used a cheat with out talking to the the man ,that i s because of that go and talk to him

Nobody. It depends on which starter Pokemon you chose Charmander - Suicune Squirtle - Raikou Bulbasaur - Entei

in diamond or pearl, go to dawn's house in sandgem town and talk to her little sister. she tells you where to catch a lot of rare Pokemon, and she tells you a different Pokemon each day. keep going to her, and one day she'll tell you where to catch beldum

The engima part is an item if held in your inventory after Manaphy tells you about the marine resort can make certaint legendary Pokemon appear!

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