What is napalm?

== == * Napalm is a powdered aluminum soap or similar compound used to gelatin oil or gasoline for use in napalm bombs or flame throwers, or the resultant gelatinous substance. Napalm was developed by the U.S. in World War II by a team of Harvard chemists led by Louis Fieser.

== == * Napalm was not invented by the U.S., and not in WW2, it was first made under then name Greek Fire during the 600's. It is a petrol fuel thickened many different ways. Styrofoam has the same properties as many chemicals that are added. See link: http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761564351/napalm.html

Napalm is a form of jellied fuel used as a military weapon. It is flammable, and like a thin jelly, sticks to anything it splashes against. When ignited, it sets things it has splashed against on fire. It was used as a fuel in flamethrowers and as aerial bombs.