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What is napalm?

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== == * Napalm is a powdered aluminum soap or similar compound used to Gelatin oil or gasoline for use in napalm bombs or flame throwers, or the resultant gelatinous substance. Napalm was developed by the U.S. in World War II by a team of Harvard chemists led by Louis Fieser.

== == * Napalm was not invented by the U.S., and not in WW2, it was first made under then name Greek Fire during the 600's. It is a petrol fuel thickened many different ways. Styrofoam has the same properties as many chemicals that are added. See link:

Napalm is a form of jellied fuel used as a military weapon. It is flammable, and like a thin jelly, sticks to anything it splashes against. When ignited, it sets things it has splashed against on fire. It was used as a fuel in flamethrowers and as aerial bombs.

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What is the feeling of napalm?

Napalm is a burning agent.

What was napalm made of?

Napalm is jellied gasoline

When was Napalm Records created?

Napalm Records was created in 1992.

Why do they call it napalm strike?

because it uses a weapon called a napalm bomb. napalm is basically gelled gasoline and is very sticky.

What is the duration of Wilder Napalm?

The duration of Wilder Napalm is 1.82 hours.

What type of reaction does napalm make?

Napalm sticks to things and burns fiercely.

Did flamthrowers in World War 2 use napalm or gas?

a form of napalm

Where was napalm used?

napalm was used in Germany and japan, vietnam, and Korea. napalm was not used in enduring freedom or in modern warfare due to being to lethal and inflicting unnecessary punishment on civilian who would come into contact with napalm

What were the effects of napalm and agent orange?

Napalm burned. Agent Orange caused diseases.

How long does napalm burn?

napalm can burn through anything and everything from 8 to 17 hours

Who dropped the napalm bomb?

Many thousands of napalm bombs have been dropped by many people.

Where did Colorado shooter get his Napalm?

He probably made it. It is not hard to make napalm, but I'm not going to tell you how.

What happens when you mix gun powder and napalm?

You get napalm with clumps in it. It does not become some super explosive,

What is the ingreatients in Napalm?

Originally it was a petroleum fuel with a thickening or jelling agent- a mix of napthenic and palmitic acids (napalm). Napalm today is a mix of benzene, gasoline, and polystyrene thickener.

When did the Americans develop napalm?

Napalm is an incendiary device that is commonly used as a military weapon. The first known usage of napalm by the U.S. was in World World II in Germany and Japan.

Who developed Napalm?

During WW2 napalm substances were developed by Du Pont Chemical and Standard Oil.

Can you mix Thermite and Napalm?

yes, you can mix napalm with thermite, though EXTREMELY dangerous it makes for a much bigger flame, much more destructive, and a hell of a lot more delicate. so make sure that when it gets ignited, to be plenty far away. Napalm isn't an explosive, the explosive in napalm devices is jellied gasoline, Napalm is the substance that binds it all together.

Is Johnny Napalm real?


What puts out napalm?


How do you get a napalm in Mafia Wars?

In New York their is a job for levels 40+ it will says the job earns you an napalm sometimes.

Which is more powerful napalm bomb or nuclear bomb?

Nuclear. Napalm is simply gelled gasoline fire bomb.

How do you get napalm on Mafia Wars?

The way you get napalm is to fight other mafias and win it as a loot item. You can get Napalm by doing the job..."Exterminate a rival family". It will take a little bit to get it though. It is a lotted item.

How was napalm used in World War 2?

napalm was used in ww2 to burn out enemy's and to just scare them to keep the hiding

How do you stop napalm?

The only thing that will stop napalm or White Phosporus (WP=Willie Pete) is mud. This element will smother it.

What are the release dates for The Smell of Napalm - 2000?

The Smell of Napalm - 2000 was released on: USA: 1 April 2000

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