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a bendy straw

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Q: What is narrow colorful bent ant and wet?
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What are the reefs like?

Wet, colorful, and diverse.

Why does the computer screen get colorful when it gets wet?

Every one knows why!

Why is gasoline that is spilled on a wet surface so colorful?

the increased reflectants (water on the wet surface) give more reflections in the color of the rainbow

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big, wet, colorful ones that make a lot of noise

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Yes but be sure they aren't wet or sitting on an ant's nest or anything like that.

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Oman is mostly very dry except for the narrow coastal plain.

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The Sound on the clarinet is produced from a vibration of the reed caused by the movement of breath over it. In a similar way to blowing over a piece of timothy grass will produce a tone, however the clarinet reed is rigid and comes in varying levels of hardness. The pitch is then altered through the application of the fingers to the tone holes and keys

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Leaf adaptation in wet and sunny habitat?

Leaf adaptations in wet and sunny habitat are mostly dependent on the surface area. Narrow leaves are ideal for dry areas which will limit the rate of transpiration while wide leaves adapt to wet habitats.

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