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natural childbirth n.A method of childbirth in which medical intervention is minimized and the mother often practices relaxation and breathing techniques to control pain and ease delivery.


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Q: What is natural birth?
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Does elephants have a natural birth or do they lay eggs?

Natural birth. They are mammals.

Can you have natural birth after a cesarean?

As long as there are no complications, you can still have a natural birth.

What is more common Natural birth or c section?

Natural birth.

What is water birth?

A water birth is a natural birth in a pool.

What is better and why natural birth Vs medicated birth?

natural birth is better by having medication that could cause harm to you or the baby it is always safer to stay natural and if you are in this situation trust me natural is the way to go good luck!

How do midgets give birth?

C-Section or Natural Child Birth.

What is a natural childbirth?

Natural birth is considered to be birth by the vaginal canal, rather than cesarean section, without the aid of anesthesia.

What is the difference between a natural birth and casesarian birth?

Natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina while Caesarian is when the baby is born by the mother being surgically opened at the abdomen

What is birth plan?

a plan how your baby will come into the world like a natural birth, home birth,water birth ,caceriane, ceesection,hpto birth

Birth control by the natural way?


What is a safe and natural birth control?


Can you have a c section after natural birth?


Do british bull have natural birth?


Did Tia mowry give birth naturlly or c -section?

Natural birth

Is a person with dual citizenship at birth natural born?

Many scholars agree that if an individual meets the requirements of a citizen at the time of birth then they are natural born but there is actually no definition for natural born citizen. This means that whether someone with dual citizenship at birth is natural born could be debated. Most would say that this individual is a natural born but it is not defined anywhere in law.

How many years after a c section is it safe to have a natural birth?

Actually, once the site of the procedure has totally healed, it is safe to have a natural birth at any time

What are the release dates for Birth Day - 2000 Natural Childbirth?

Birth Day - 2000 Natural Childbirth was released on: USA: 2 October 2000

Is a caesarean section or natural birth worse?

If by "natural birth" you mean vaginal birth (as opposed to drug free vaginal birth) then the recovery from a Cesarean is much longer and more painful. With an epidural the labor and birthing themselves are not painful in both cases.

What is the definition of natural increase?

natural increase is when the rate of birth is more than the rate of deaths.

What is a natural birth?

when the baby comes out from the woman's vagina

Can People Be Pixies At Night?

No, pixies are natural from birth.

What is the withdrawal family planning?

Natural birth control

Does the baby come out of your vagina?

In a natural birth, yes.

If you have an abotion in the pass can you have natural birth in the future?

Yes you can.

If you have had 2 c sections can you have a natural birth?