What is nature and scope of industrial sociology?


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bases of industrial sociology and its scope

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The scope of industrial sociology in terms of sociology focuses on the interactions and relations in the business world. This will look at social structures and relationships in business settings.

political sociology is concerned with:

The nature and scope of political sociology focuses of various aspects of government and society. This will help in understanding how society interacts with politics.

nature of medical sociology is evaluation of relation between socioeconomic factors and healthcare system.

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Industrial sociology is concerned with the study of human relations as they grow and operate in the fields of industry. Social organization and patterns of interaction are of great importance in this discipline.

NATURE OF SOCIOLOGY Sociology as a branch of knowledge, has its own unique characteristics It is different from other sciences in certain respects. An analysis of internal logical characteristics helps one to understand what kind of science it is. The following are the main characteristics of sociology as enlisted by Robert Bierstedt in his book "The Social Order". Those each characteristics are added to this blog within the label "Nature of Sociology" onwards as unique posts. SCOPE OF SOCIOLOGY Every science has its own areas of inquiry. It becomes difficult for any one to study a science systematically unless its boundaries are demarcated and scope determined precisely. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on the part of sociologist with regard to the scope of sociology. V. F. Calberton comments. "since sociology is so elastic a science, it is difficult to determine just where its boundaries began and end, where sociology becomes social psychology and where social psychology becomes sociology, or where economic theory becomes sociological doctrine or biological theory becomes sociological theory something, which is impossible to decide. However there are two main schools of thought regarding the scope of sociology: The specialistic or formalistic school The synthetic school.

Industrial sociology is a disciple with a large scale. It studies technological evolution, globalization, labor markets, work organization, management, and employment relations and how these things affect workers at the global level.

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Political sociology discusses how politics influence the society. Each type of ruler and political system will influence the people in different ways.

Industrial sociology is the sociology of relationship b/w employers and worker or study of impact of industry on social relation

industrial sociology is concerned with the world of work

Organizational behavior is the study of how people respond in an organization. It can also be used as a motivational tool. The nature of organizational behavior includes sociology, social psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and anthropology. The scope is to study emotions, organizational development, management of conflict, and the impact of personality on performance.

Political sociology is concerned with how politics and government shape society. It is believed by some sociologists that politics influences the way people behave toward one another.

The role and scope of sociology is to study the various interactions of the humans and society. This will analyze the development and patterns of a society.

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Industrial sociology studies the way a culture's technology, workforce, and infrastructure changes and develops. Industrial sociology also looks at trends across cultures and examines their effect on societal inequalities.

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To discuss the development of industrial sociology, you should start at the beginning and go through the development of it. You should include different theories and the highlights of the development of industrial sociology, as well as how it is used today.

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