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Management is a process of forward planning, decision making, co-ordinating, communicating and motivating the subordinates to achieve the objective of an organization.

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Q: What is nature of management by objective as a system of management?
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What is nature of management information system?

The nature of management information system is that it can be used for purposes of decision making. This is a system which provides all the necessary information about an organization.

Objective of Strategic Management?

Main objective of Strategic Management is to increase profitability

What is effectiviness of quality management system?

The effectiveness of quality management system is seen mostly in the final product. The main objective of quality management system is to ensure that products meet the set standard of quality before being released into the market.

What is nature and purpose of management?

Management coordinates people to accomplish the objective. Management helps fix problems that may arise with workers or the company. They also keep customers happy by giving excellent customer service.

What is nature and objective of business policy?

The nature and objective of business policy are both formulated as plans and determined by a business organisation.Objective is the end to a plan while policy is the mode and manner to reach the objective. A business policy is: guidelines that facilitate to reach a predetermined objective both in mode and manner formulated from the top to the lower level management while Objectives are the endpoints to a plan.

Management Career Objective?

career management

Is intensity of sound subjective or objective in nature?


Explain the importance objectives of management information system and widening scope management information system?

The main objective of MIS is to improve the management decision making, by providing accurate and up-to date information about the key aspects of organisational performance.

What is the objective of school-based management in the Philippines?

the goals of SBM in the Philippines are equity and quality. This is translated in terms of student participation including the poorest sector of Philippine society and the quality of instruction and student learning achievement.

What is system objective?

what are the objective of operating system

Which management concept suggests that low-importance decisions be handled by subordinates so that managers can focus on high-importance decisions?

participatory management

Which is not an objective for an objective for an effective records management program?

Provides management of records for all data created to be stored electronically.