What is nda course serial?

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Fullform of NDA is National Defence Academy (NDA) of India.

How do i prepare for nda?

Is it true that NDA is not for girls

National Democratic Alliance

I have to join NDA WHAT I HAVE TO DO

NDA National Defence Academy.

nda examination code for delhi

yes, girls are eligible to apply for NDA.

Hi, The NDA Exams are conducted by UPSC in India. Now Govt, released the Online forms for the NDA exams . The NDA Exams are held twice in an year. So, you can get the online forms from the official website of the UPSC. For More Details on this topic you can check Overview of NDA Exam Here:- kollegetimes.com/careers/nda-na-exam-overview/


no, answer of nda is not declared yet answer is declared after 4 months of exam

In the book The Sign Of The Beaver. "Nda" is the Indian word for No.

The English meaning for the Kikuyu word nda is the stomach.

Dispur and Guwahati are having same NDA exam centre.

No i dont think so that girls are permitted to take admission in nda

NDA cannot be broken into separate syllables because it is not a word. NDA is an abbreviation for something. Try listing out the entire meaning to break each individual word into syllables.

How can be see the result of NDA 2008- I declared earlier.

UPA: union progressive alliance NDA: national democratic alliance

minimum qualifying marks for nda exam is 300

yes i am also giving nda exam and it is compulsory. (bad for me as i don't have bio)

results of NDA & NA (I) 2010 will be announsed on July 4 2010....

Mathematics and physics is compulsory to enter NDA. Girls are also eligible.

You can find your name in The Punch News paper printed, Monday. 17 march 2008

UPSC which conducts the NDA exam makes available the NDA application forms in some UPSC designated Post Offices. List of these Post Offices and how to apply is available at the related link.

yes u can join nda but u hav to give afmc exam..

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