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What is need to turbo charge a ka24de on a 98 and what are the steps to doing it?

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Is ka24de turbo legal in California?

No modifications to the emissions of the car are legal, especially in California.

Ka24de with turbo?

No, they do not come turbo. Yes you can boost them though. I was running a KA on boost with stock internals just fine. Obviously do not turn the boost up to 20 pounds or something..

Can you turbo charge a Fiat coupe?

no You can turbo charge any car but it will cost a lot!

Will a 300zx Twin Turbo motor fit into a 1997 altima?

no, not at all. the newer VQ engines are rumored to fit, but you have a lot of work to do with the ECU and engine management when you do that. Best/easiest bet is to turbo that ka24de.

Can you super charge and turbo charge a car?


Can you turbo charge a 3.2l v6 Isuzu amigo?

You can turbo charge anything,it just depends on how much money you have

Can you turbo your 1.9 cvh?

you can turbo charge anything, as well as super charge anything. just depends on money.

Which company uage turbo charger first time?

A turbo charge is an extra force of energy that is sent through to the engine for extra power. The first company to use the turbo charge was in 1918 when General Electric used the turbo charge on the V12 Liberty aircraft.

Can you turbo charge a 1984 Corvette?


What actors and actresses appeared in Turbo Charge - 1981?

The cast of Turbo Charge - 1981 includes: Justin Cade Dixon Hardy Frank Sterling

Do i Mustang gt turbo charge or supercharge?


What is a turbo charge engine?

An engine equipped with a turbocharger.

How do you get my 2011 Chevy to go faster?

turbo charge it

How do you improve the acceleration of Mitsubishi lancer 1300?

Turbo charge it.

What is turbo charge engine in automotive?

Any engine with a turbo/turboes installed. They increase power by forcing air/fuel into the engine.

Can you turbo charge a ford windstar 96 gl?

yes u can

Can you turbo charge a cobalt ss?

the cobalt ss is already turbocharged

How can you made worlds fastest car?

buy a car then turbo charge it

Can I get a professional tax prep software online for a low cost?

Turbo Tax is probably the best software to use for doing your taxes by yourself online. They charge about $20 dollars for the service, and it's pretty easy.

What are the symptoms of a bad turbo?

Seal leaks oil... Or oil in your charge air cooler...

How do you make a passat go faster?

Push on the accelerator. Turbo charge the engine for more power.

How do you increase hp 318 dodge 2000?

put on k&n air filter kit. get a chip. get decent exhaust like a cherry bomb. then if you really want a some power and you have the money either turbo charge it or supper charge it I prefer turbo.

Which phones will the Turbo Charge TC400 Portable Reusable Cell Phone Charger work with?

The Turbo Charge TC400 will work with the Motorola, Motorola RAZR/ SLVR, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, LG (x2), Sony/Ericsson, Nextel, Kyocera/Audiovox and Sanyo

Can You Super Turbo Charge An Engine?

Yes, it is called twin charging. I believe it is possible due to the fact a turbo runs off the exhaust while a supercharger is belt driven.

Where can you find a 2 2l engine for an 88 200sx turbo?

Hmm.. I'm assuming you are outside the United States due to the fact that in the US, Turbo Model 200sxs were discontinued at the end of 86. There is no popular 2.2L Turbo Engine that I know of that works good with an S12 200sx. Popular Swaps are SR20DET (2L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine) CA18DET (1.8L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine) KA24DE (2.4L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Naturally Aspired Engine)