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Water is required for (nearly) all of hydrolysis reactions (in other words digesstion).

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What are two types of digestion that occur?

The Two types of digestion are Mechanical and Chemical digestion!

The digestion of all types of nutrients is completed in the where?

Large intestines

Gland which secretes enzymes for all types of digestion?


Which organelle is responsible for holding chemicals needed for digestion in the cell?

Lysomes are the organelles responsible for holding chemicals needed for digestion.

Is lactate needed to digest milk?

yes it is needed for the digestion

When are enzymes needed?

Enzymes are needed during the process of digestion.

What chemicals are needed for digestion?


What are chewing and churning types of?

Chewing and churning are types of mechanical digestion. The other type of digestion is chemical digestion, which involves the breaking down of foods via enzymes.

What types of enzymes play a role in digestion?

Pepsin is the enzyme responsible for digestion.

Which is more efficient mono gastric or ruminant digestion?

the monogastric as it can digest all types of food

What are the two types of digestion?


What conditions do you think are needed for the digestion of protein in the stomach to take place?

i expect that normal body temperature is needed, that's all i know, sorry.

When is the bile in the gallbladder needed?

during digestion

What is needed for the mouth digestion to occur?


Most of the enzymes needed for digestion are secreted by the?

Most of the enzymes needed for digestion are secreted by the pancreas. Such enzymes include amylase, lipase, trypsin and chymotrypsin.

What are two types of digestion?

Mechanical and chemical

Why hydra has both types of digestion?


How is the liver both types of digestion?


What is the process in which food is broken down into simpler substances called?

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into simpler substances. Digestion is of two types: mechanical or physical digestion, and chemical digestion.

Are there 3 types of digestion utilized by the digestive system?

Not sure what you mean by '3 types of digestion', but there are three major food groups (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), and each has a different method of digestion by the digestive system.

What are 2 types of chemical digestion?

gastric juices and enzymes are the 2 types

What organ uses both types of digestion?

Both the mouth and the stomach perform mechanical and chemical digestion.

What are the types of digestion?

there r 2 mechanical and chemical

What is the most common item needed for chemical digestion?


What organelle is responsible for holding chemicals needed for digestion is?


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