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A concrete pad and lots of breeze blocks

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Q: What is needed for the foundation for mobile homes?
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How do you define a mobile home?

A mobile home is just that "a home which is mobile." The mobiles have wheels, unlike a stick house which is attached to a foundation. Mobile homes can be classified as "real property" if the wheels are removed and the home is placed on a permanent foundation.

Do mobile homes attract tornadoes?

No, they do not. Mobile homes are often shown after a tornado because they are more easily damaged than a house on a concrete foundation. Mobiles are usually only held in place by steel cables, which are no match for a tornado.

When one finds used mobile homes for sale what should one be cautious of?

You should be cautious about mobile homes the same way you would be about any other home. You need to be careful the price is right, the foundation is good, there is no mold, everything is to code, and so on.

Where can one purchase new mobile homes?

New mobile homes can be purchased online at most of the manufactures websites. This includes companies such as Clayton Homes, Expo Mobile Homes, and Skyline Homes.

What is the SIC Code for Mobile Homes?

SIC 2451 applies to MOBILE HOMES.

Are mobile homes real property in Texas?

No. Mobile homes are not real property.

Is Champion Mobile Homes filing bankruptcy?

They are still there building mobile homes - - -

What is the web address of the Historic Homes Foundation in Louisville Kentucky?

The web address of the Historic Homes Foundation is:

Where can one find a listing of mobile homes for sale?

One can find a listing of mobile homes for sale on online websites such as mhvillage, homefinder, and/or realtor. On these websites information can be put in to find the bars to find homes ranging from whatever one wants. It also includes location, pictures, and other specific information needed to find a good priced mobile home.

Do mobile homes need foundations?

They do need to be placed on concrete blocks and anchored to the ground with chain or cable. -Most authority's don't appear to demand a full 'foundation'

What is the phone number of the Historic Homes Foundation in Louisville Kentucky?

The phone number of the Historic Homes Foundation is: 502-899-5079.

Is there a stigma on Modular homes?

There is no stigma for modular homes that I know of,but a lot of people are miss informed about modular construction. Most people are confusing mobile homes with modular homes and there is a stigma about mobile homes and mobile home parks. Another confusing part is the term that is used to describe mobile homes. The term "Manufactured Housing" has been adapted by the mobile home industry to alleviate the stigma of mobile homes. Of course uninformed people bundle modular homes in this mix since modular homes are constructed in a manufacturing facility and are transported, but that is where the similarity if any ends.