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Q: What is needed to access network resources in a default active directory environment with a username?
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What is the default directory for the user's home directory?

The default home directory is /home/user (where "user" is the username), sometimes shortened to "~".

What makes the windows directory the default directory?

Fix mbr

What makes Windows directory the default directory?

Fix mbr

What is the purpose of path environment variable in the windows command CMD.EXE shell environment?

The PATH environment variable is the default search path(s) for when an explicit path is not provided and the file requested is not in the current directory.

What is the username for Linksys E1000?

The default username for Linksys E1000 is admin - no caps.

What is default application installation directory on Mac OSX?

That would be "/Applications" directory.

What is the default home directory for a user in Linux?

Each user (on a multi-user computer) has a home directory, and it is the first directory shown after a user logs in. For instance: rodney@downstairs:~$ shows that my user name is rodney, my host or computer name is 'downstairs', the tilde '~' shows that I am in my home directory, and the dollar sign '$' shows that all is ready for me to type in a command. Typing the command 'pwd' (without the single quotes) in a terminal will show which directory you are in - pwd means 'print working directory'. The command 'ls' will list all directories.

What is windowssystem32trz267tmp?

By default there is no such directory as you have defined. The probability is that it is temp directory for the defined specific user.

What is the command that will change the current default directory to the root directory in Unix?

CD /

What are the two default GPOs that are created when active directory is installed?

Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy

What is the name of the default site link that is created when Active Directory is first installed?

The default link name is Default first site

How do you make your home directory the working directory?

Use the 'cd' command without any target; that always puts you in the home directory which becomes by default the working directory.