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Well it depends what game you have. And if you want the Black Trainer Card, then you need to beat the Elite Four 6 times before you get the black card. After you have beat the Elite Four 6 times you get your BLACK CARD! :)) I already have it :))) <33

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Q: What is needed to have 5 stars on your trainer card?
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How many stars can there be on your Pokemon diamond trainer card?

5 stars

What is the black card on Pokemon platinum?

The black card is your trainer card with I think 5 stars

How do you get Black Trainer Card in Platinum?

by getting 5 stars

How do i go to space in Pokemon emerald?

you must have 5 stars in your trainer card but its cannot be complited!

Were do you find jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

In outer space after getting 5 (five) stars on your trainer card.

Can you really go to space on ruby?

I believe so, but you have to get 5 stars on your trainer card and play a 100 hours to do so.

When i beat the elite 4 it comes the end what to do?

finish the pokedex and train your Pokemon to 100 and get 5 stars at the trainer card

How do you get 5 stars on your trainer's card for Pokemon Ruby?

You can't. The maximum is 4. for more info, see

What does the black trainer card look like in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it will be black with 5 stars hope hope this helps :D

How do you get 5 stars on Pokemon ruby and sapphire?

if you mean on the trainer card you need to beat the league complete the pokedex hatch an egg and complete battle tower

What to do when you get 5 stars in your trainer card in Pokemon emerald?

you train every single Pokemon in the national dex to level 100, and then you've beat the game, congrats

How do you get all five stars on your trainer card in Pokemon soulsilver?

1.Defeat Lance the champion 2.Get a leaf crown made from 5 shiny leaves 3.Get a 100 battle streak in battle tower 4.Break all the records in pokeleathon 5.Complete National pokedex After 5 stars your trainer card turns black

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon platinum trainer card?

You get the bronze card by entering the hall of fame. You get the copper card by completing the national Pokedex. You get the silver card by earning the platinum flag under ground. You get the fourth star by winning one master rank contest. Then you get the black card by wining 100 battles in a row in the battle tower. NOTE to get 5 stars you must get every card.

After you beat the elite four what other activities do you have to do to get all the stars on your trainer card in Pokemon platinum?

Get 482 pages on your pokedex (excluding event pokemon) beat a master rank contest get a Platinum flag underground (by stealing 50 flags) win 100 battles at the battle tower this will get you a black trainer card with 5 stars (the 5th star is for beating the elite 4)

What is needed to get five stars on your trainer card in Pokemon pearl?

# Beat the Elite 4 # Beat all 5 Master Rank Contests # Underground Capture the Flag # Get the 482 Non-Event Pokemon (you will need to migrate) # And lastly, 100 straight wins on the Battle Tower

What is the code for a 5 star trainer card in Pokemon Platinum?

kehkehkehkehekhekhekehkehkehekhekhekhekehkehkehekhekhekhekehkehkehkehkehkehkehkehkehkehekhekhekhekhekehkehkehkehkehkehkehkehekhekehkehkehkeh NOOOOOOOOOOOB!

Is there an action replay code for a 5 star trainer card on Pokemon platinum?


What are the stars on your trainer card?

the stars are in the right hand order of your trainer card 1] beat the elite four 2]obtain platinum flag underground 3]get natinal pokedex 4]100 streek in battle frontier 5]win a master rank contest but you need to do these all in order

Pokemon emerald Action replay code for 5 star trainer card?

not yet..

How do you get the gold trainers card in Pokemon pearl?

Well, it's certainly not easy:The Red Card (No Star) : You start with this as soon as you become a Pokemon Trainer.2. The Blue Card (One Star) : Obtained when you have defeated the Pokemon League.3. The Bronze Card (Two Stars) : Win all the Master Rank Contests.4. The Silver Card (Three Stars) : Complete the Underground minigame (friend needed).5. The Gold Card (Four Stars) : Capture 482 different Pokemon (completing the National Dex).6. The Black Card (Five Stars) : Win 100 times in a row in the Battle Tower.

How can your trainer card get two stars?

You need to do different tasks. Like if you beat the Elite four you get 1 star. There are five things to do to get the black trainer card with five stars 1. Beat the Elite Four 2. Fill the National Pokedex (482) Not the event Pokemon 3. Obtain a Platinum Flag underground 4. Clear the 100 battle streak at battle tower 5. Win a Master Rank contest in Hearthome

How To get 5 stars on your trainer card in emerald?

to get 5 of the stars you have to: -beat the elite four -get a 100 win streak in the battle tower -beat all 5 types of contests at the master rank level -complete your hoenn pokedex. -and complete your national pokedex

Which Cp Trainer do you need to get your penguin huge?


How do you get all the ranks in Pokemon sapphire?

I hope you meant Trainer Card Stars when you you said "rank". I don't think you have to do them in this order, but you have to do them all to achieve all five ranks and obtain four stars. Here they are. Rank 1: Green Card (Zero Stars) - You start off with this card at the start of the game. Rank 2: Bronze Card (One Star) - Beat the Elite Four once. Rank 3: Copper Card (Two Stars) - Catch all 200 Pokemon. Rank 4: Silver Card (Three Stars) - Win a Master Rank Contest in each Category. Rank 5: Gold Card (Four Stars) - Beat fifty Trainers in a row at the Battle Tower in either Lv50 or Open Level. Remember, do the tasks in any order you want, but the ranks, color of the card, and the number of stars will rise in the above sequence. Hope I helped.

Pokemon Platinum 5 star trainer card?

You get it by having 100 consecutive wins in the Battle Tower.

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