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What is netiquette?

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Etiquette is the practice of good manners - being polite and helpful, being kind and not aggressive, being mindful of the fact that others may see things differently than oneself.

Netiquette is etiquette for the Internet. Being polite to others. It is all the more important on the net because there are no facial clues or body-language to help us understand another person, as there is in face to face meetings.

Different parts of the internet can have different rules. On some fora it is considered okay to be rude, as long as you are creative in your rudeness; on other fora you are expected to be polite and to talk sense. Anything goes really, as long as there is a concensus about the rules.

An example of such rules can be found on the related link below in the bottom area entitled: DTCC - Netiquette

noun. the rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computer networks, esp. the Internet.

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