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Q: What is neutrals 6 major countries?
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Does black match ivory?

Black and Ivory are both neutrals, and since neutrals match other neutrals yes they match.

Was rationing used all over Europe?

Yes, it was. WW2 affected all European countries... axis, allies, neutrals.

Who were neutrals?


What are the 6 major countries?

The 6 major countries in terms of economy and influence are usually considered to be the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. These nations are often referred to as the G6 or Group of Six.

What are examples of neutrals?

Neutrals are people who do not pick either side in a conflict. For example, Switzerland was famously neutral in World War 2.

What are all the common neutrals?

water is one

How can neutral countries participate in the affairs of warring countries?

During World War II, but the point remains true in many other war-time contexts, neutral countries participated in the affairs of formal belligerents in a number of ways. Diplomatically, 'neutrals' sometimes offered to serve as mediators or were asked to mediate between nations at war. On humanitarian grounds, neutral nations sometimes sent aid-teams or inspectors into warring nations. Further, trade and financial transactions were sometimes the basis for interaction between 'neutrals' and nations-at-war.

What were the major positions among colonists concerning independence?

There were three major positions among colonists concerning independence were the loyalist, Patriots, and Neutrals. The Loyalist wanted to remain under the rule of Britain. The patriot wanted to independence from British rule.

What are some examples of acids bases and neutrals?

Examples of acids include hydrochloric acid, citric acid, and sulfuric acid. Examples of bases include sodium hydroxide, ammonia, and magnesium hydroxide. Examples of neutrals include water, carbon dioxide, and ethanol.

What are antarctica's major countries?

There are no countries on the Antarctic continent.

Who were the Neutrals in World War I?

Switzerland, Spain, Holland, and Scandinavia

What is a nation that does not take sides during a war?

They are called neutrals.