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Konoka ikuran panshinku buttagiri e hikari doko senpai dokoshin iru no nekiru sano desu

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Q: What is night flower in Korean?
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What is the Korean word for flower?


What is The significance of the hibiscus flower?

It means 'immortality' in Korean. The Korean word is 'mugung'.

How do you say flower in Korean?

꽃 ggot

How can you write night in Korean?

밤 = night

What is joyanne in Korean?

in Korean we say Jo-ee-an and same as in orange: or-ren-gee ice cream: i-ice-ck-eem but flower isn't. flower is :ckot

What is Korean national flower?

It is the sharon flower, because Korea's national tree is the sharon tree

'rose' in Korean?

if you mean the flower "Jang-mii" 장미

What is the flower of the night in Mexico?

Poinsettia, the red flower most popular at Christmastime. It is known as 'The Flower of the Night' in Mexico.

Is morning glory the stationary shop not the flower thing Japanese Chinese or Korean?

It's a Korean stationery store.

What is the meaning of pretty in Korean?

The phrase "pretty flower" would be예쁜 꽃 (yeppeun kkoch)in Korean.

When was Tainan Flower Night Market created?

Tainan Flower Night Market was created in 1999.

What is the Korean translation and pronunciation of the word daisy?

paran-saek flower