What is notional profit?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Notional Profit = Value of work certified-(cost of work to date-cost of work uncertified)

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Q: What is notional profit?
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How do you use notional in a sentence?

Here is a sentence with the word notional, "Most of the ideas the government has are notional and not practical." This means that they only exist in theory.

What is the Difference between notional amount and Market value?

Notional amount is the amount which is calculated on the underlying asset for ex: s&p index offering contract @ 250 units trading with price of 1000, than its actual notional value is 250*1000 = 250,000. which is notional amount

Depreciation is called as notional cost why and explain?

Depreciation is called a notional cost because it cannot be measured in real terms.

What is notional promotion?

Notional promotion does not involve monetary benefit.

What is the notional dress of Scotland?


How does the direct methodology differ from the functional-notional approach?

Direct methodology varies greatly from functional- Notional aproach,What are those differences?

What is a notional cost?

yes, its implied cost.

What is the meaning of notional increment?

What is meaning of nosnal

What is Notional Net sales value?

When a small amount of invested monies control or can potentially destroy large amount of assets. It is considered notional net sales.

What is the notional anthem of the US?

The Star-Spangled Banner.

Doctrine of notional extension and the spirit behind this provision under workmens compensation?

Workers Compensation act of 1923 is the answer. That was the doctrine of the notional extension and the spirit behind this provision.

What is notional margin?

Expected amount of margin made on product.