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radio activity causes cancer

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What can the nuclear bomb do?

Nuclear = causes radiation, which causes sicknesses & abnormal birth of infants

What are harmful causes of nuclear weapons?

there are many harmful causes of nuclear weapons because whole hiroshima was destroyed of it

What are the causes of nuclear and toxic waste?

nuclear waste is a by product of nuclear power plants, or in the creation of nuclear weapons.

What is the main reson of pollutin?

well, first, cars give exaust. and second, we are burning lots of oil so that is going into the air and that is causing pollution (or, in your way, pollutin) anonymous

What causes a nuclear reaction?

A proton

What causes lesser pollution - nuclear fission or fusion?

Nuclear fusion

What are facts about the nuclear chain reaction?

occurs when one nuclear reaction causes on average of one or more nuclear.

Three types of pollution?

2 is called gases and water pollutin

What are the causes of nuclear disasters on health?


What causes foul founder?

A nuclear bomb1

What do nuclear plants cause?

It causes to be

What causes the nuclear force?

The Nuclear Force is caused by the exchange of pions between the protons and the neutrons.

What causes transmutation?

Nuclear decay or radioactive bombardment.

What causes the strong interaction?

Strong nuclear interactions.

What causes water change to vapor?

the evaporation causes nuclear fission which therefore causes the object c341o to become C12a.

What causes the gretest damage in an exsplosion?

The radiation if it is a nuclear explosion.

What are the causes of Ukraine's environmental issues?

a nuclear reactor exploded

What causes nuclear fusion to occur on the sun?

gravitational confinement

What are the causes affects and control measures of nuclear hazards?

Nuclear hazards effects can be either initial or residual. The causes of nuclear hazards are many, some of which such as human error are preventable. Control measures include regular inspections and consistent safety measures.

What causes a nuclear explosion?

An uncontrolled release of nuclear binding energy. This can be either by fission or fusion or some mixture of both.

What are the causes of a nuclear explosion?

Sudden release (in a few microseconds) of nuclear energy via fission, fusion, or a combination of both.

Why do spent nuclear fuels generate heat?

After the nuclear fuel is spent the fuel is radioactive. This radiation causes decay heat. The result of the radiation causes movement of atoms, converting it into thermal energy.

How does a nuclear chain reaction work?

A nuclear chain reaction happens when a nuclear reaction causes more nuclear reactions. This happens mostly due to the energy released stimulating more reactions, which then release energy.

Nuclear fusion causes what to form?

Helium, from fusion of hydrogen isotopes

What are the causes of radiation pollution?

Radon gas, nuclear power plants

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