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Ocean crust is forced under continental crust because the former (ocean) is denser than the latter (continental). Much the same effect occurs when cold air is forced under hot air.

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Q: What is ocean to continent subduction?
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Is a trench formed when two ocean plates colide?

Means the ocean floor is pulled under the continent?

This occurs in a subduction zone.

Which convergent boundaries do not have a subduction zone?

A continent to continent convergent boundary does not have a subduction zone.

What do ocean and continent convergent boundaries cause?

Ocean and continental convergent boundaries cause subduction zones, volcanoes, earthquakes and new mountains.

What is a subduction zone volcano?

Volcanoes that form at subduction zones form on the ocean floor, instead of on a continent. If the volcano stays active over a long period it will emerge as an island.

Where does Subduction take place on the ocean floor?

Subduction of the ocean floor takes place at trenches.

What deep-ocean feature forms at subduction zones?

Trenches are deep ocean features of subduction zones.

What is the connection between subduction and in ocean floor spreading?

The connection is that the ocean floor spreading is what causes the subduction. When the steadily enlarging ocean floor meets a continental plate it slides under it. That's what subduction means.

What forms on the ocean floors in a subduction zone?

Ocean Trenches.

What was the Atlantic ocean undergoing?


What does subduction form?

Ocean Trenches.

What happens in an ocean trench?


What causes subduction of deep ocean trenches?

First of all, subduction causes deep ocean trenches. Subduction happens when two convergent boundries come together and 1 slides under the other, causing a deep ocean trench.

Subduction of the ocean floor takes place at?

the mid-ocean ridges

Where does subduction of the ocean floor take place?

deep-ocean trench

What is the name of the process where the ocean floor sinks into ocean trenches?


What are the three different types of convergent plate boundaries?

ocean-ocean ocean-continent continent-continent

What is the difference between a subduction zone and a continent continent collision zone?

it is the study of making sanwhichs

What is a subduction zon as it relates to earth science?

A subduction zone is a place at the margin of a continent where the neighbouring oceanic plate is 'subducted'. That is, the oceanic plate, moving toward the continental plate, goes down into the mantle because it is heavier than the continental plate. Subduction zones typically cause deep ocean trenches.

What is process the ocean floor sinks?

your answer is subduction

How can you use subduction in a sentence?

a deep ocean

Which is required for an ocean trench to form?


What is required for an ocean trench to form?


What is a depression in the ocean floor where subduction takes place called?

Ocean trenches

What forms when one oceanic plate is forced beneath another plate a rift valley an ocean basin an ocean ridge a subduction zone?

a subduction zone