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When using the LM741, one of the inputs will have a bias (usually non-inverting input), which means the output can never be 0 V. If a 0 V output is needed, you need to offset the bias. To do this, you can connect both inputs to two 1K resistors in parallel, or both inputs to either side of a 10K potentiometer. This will allow an output of 0 V from the opamp.

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Q: What is offset null in lm741?
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1st and 5th pins.

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A: Any offset whether is voltage or current is an output error to contend with.

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The LM741 pins depends on the particular package selected. The most common arrangement is... 1.) Offset Null 2.) Inverting Input 3.) Non-Inverting Input 4.) Supply Voltage Minus 5.) Offset Null 6.) Output 7.) Supply Voltage Plus 8.) No Connection This is true for both the 8 pin metal can and the 8 pin DIP. Typical connection is to connect a 10K potentiometer between the two offset nulls with the wiper connected to Supply Voltage Minus.

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