What is older ad or bc?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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BC is older.

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Q: What is older ad or bc?
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Is ad older then bc?

Okay Will AD is older than BC because AD is very old not like BC

Is 2 BC older than 1 BC?

Yes 1 BC was the last year until AD started.

Which is the oldest date 500 BC 1000 AD 100 A.D. or 2000 A.D.?

500 BC is older. Any time-frame declared as "BC" occurrs prior to any time-frame declared as "AD."

What came before 1500 bc or 753 bc?

1500 bc came before 753 bc. Year numbers go down in "bc", where the next year has a lower number than the previous year all the way to 1 bc. The year after 1 bc is 1 ad. To give an example, a tree that sprouted in 1500 bc would be about 753 years older by 753 bc and about 1500 years older by year 1 bc. On 1 ad, it would be 1501 years old.

Who is older dead sea scrolls or King Tutankhamun?

The reign of King Tutankhamun was from 1333 BC to 1324 BC. The Dead Sea scrolls are generally dated between 150 BC and 70 AD. It is the Dead Sea Scrolls they are older.

How do you count BC AD?

The last date of BC was 1 BC, then the first date of AD was 1 AD, there was no zero.

Why BC and AD?

BC : before Christ AD : anno domino

Is 3000 bc closer to ad or bc?

It isn't a question of closer to ad or bc, it IS bc. 3000bc would be -3000ad.

How many years are there between 30 BC and 30 AD and why?

58 years are between 30 BC and AD 30. The first thing you need to remember is that there is no year 0; the year before AD 1 is 1 BC. So the years between 30 BC and AD 30 are... 29 BC, 28 BC, 27 BC, ..., 2 BC, 1 BC, AD1, AD 2, ..., AD 27, AD 28, AD 29 29 BC through 1 BC is 29 years, and AD 1 through AD 29 is 29 years. 29 years + 29 years = 58 years

What happened in the time period between AD and BC?

Nothing. There was no time period between BC and AD. 1 BC was followed by 1 AD. There was no year zero or any gap between BC and AD.

What comes first BC or AD?

bc comes first because bc stands for before christ

Which is later BC or AD?